Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Eve

New Years Eve - 7th Floor - TGH

I haven't mentioned the fact that I now plow food away like every meal will be my last. Pre-transplant I had almost zero appetite. I'd pretty much be happy with 1 or 2 small meals a day and after just a few bites my gag reflex would show up to destroy the party.

Something magical has happened.
May as well carry this around everywhere I go

I'm in love with food.

I want it all the time. One meal is barely down the throat before I'm thinking about what to have for the next. It's consuming my mind and soul. 

I'm enjoying every single bite. I savour them. I am discovering a love of things I simply didn't want to even look at, nor think about, before.

No longer will I go out to dinner and have it be a complete waste of $$$.

To prove my point, the other night Carman, Pamela, Brad and I ate downstairs. Not only was I the last man standing (interpretation - last woman shoveling food into her mouth), I ate the most of us all.

This is really weird for everyone. They truly delight in my overindulgence. They also entertain themselves by making fun of me with every bite. Good thing I only care about that next bite or I could develop a complex.

On top of the appetite, I also am retaining a mountain load of fluid (as Brad mentioned earlier I weigh 2475 lbs or something). So if we are looking to compare me to, say another species, here we go:

Slippers are the only things fitting on these babies
So, New Years Eve was spent with best friends and lotsa food. I'm sure you can imagine now that I ate the entire night. Why not? Although to be fair, a lot of that was from the veggie tray...

I had the best New Years Eve! Although still stuck in the hospital, my friends came here, we rented a meeting room and I even wore a gown:

I get the feeling Pamela doesn't think I dressed up enough:

Our party wear:

Best shot of the night:

 Happy New Year! 2013 is going to be super freaking fantastical!!

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