Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The sister has arrived! 

Her plane landed at 12. She texted me when she landed and I told her to text when the cab dropped her off at the door. What seemed like hours later, the text came through. I went downstairs to get her and found her...nowhere.

Turns out taxi guy dropped her off at the wrong address, so the poor little sister had to drag her suitcase through the streets - which was ridiculous, as the thing was the size of a small country.

Luckily, he didn't drop her off too far away and she only had a couple of blocks to walk. I couldn't even try to walk and meet her as I wore my slippers downstairs...cause who doesn't wear their slippers all over the place? Then again, I would not have been out of place in the slightest walking down the street in slippers, hauling Squeaker behind.

Finally I spotted her. She came through the doors and I jumped in her face. I missed her a whole lot. Like take a little and then add a bunch. That's how much I missed her.

It took about a quarter of a second to show her around the condo (cause it's massive) and then we got ready for physio.

Bonnie showed Jamie the ropes. Wipe on, wipe off. Well really there's just wipe off. Jamie pulled on a glove and found her inner Jackson. She's pretty good at recording my stuff, taking instruction and cleaning the machines; I'll have to direct her attention to the condo floors and such.

It was obvious that she was blown away by my unbelievable physical strength and prowess. I think I intimidated her enough to ensure she doesn't mess with me.

I even turned my treadmill speed up a bit, but my O2 went down. I may or may not have been trying to keep up to Kristy, who was on the treadmill next to me. Stupid crusty lungs getting in the way. Jamie probably bribed them into giving me problems so that she wouldn't feel so inferior.

Excited for my week. She hasn't been here 12 hours yet and has managed to rip out my O2 tubing once already. Good times.

Griffin looks happy.

She doesn't think I'm weird at all.
Her normal face.

Capital One Cup 4th Round Results Part 1:

This year's Capital One Cup is at the latter stages - in the 4th Round. The winners of the matches progress through to the Quarter-Finals.

Hello and welcome to my LATEST blog post installment of this year's Capital One Cup.
Today and tomorrow we take a break from the English Premier League to continue with the 4th Round Matches of this year's Capital One Cup.
Yesterday's Results:

Reading 5 Arsenal 7 AET

A truly fascinating and exciting match at The Madjeski Stadium, as EPL sides Reading and Arsenal did battle.

Arsenal fielded a weak, younger, inexperienced squad and it was clearly evident after only 37 MINUTES as they were down by 4 goals to NIL.   

1-0 to The Royals: Striker Jason Roberts wheels away to celebrate his goal past Damian Martinez.
Stunner: Jason Roberts celebrates his opener at The Madjeski Stadium after 12 minutes.
Shock: Reading midfielder Leigertwood gives them a comfortable 3-0 lead over Arsenal - after only 20 MINUTES.
A thrashing: Reading defender Noel Hunt heads his side into a 4-0 lead at home against Arsenal after 37 minutes.
Delicate chip: Arsenal winger Theo Walcott gives his side faint hope just before half-time to make the score 4-1.
Back in it: Arsenal striker and substitute Olivier Giroud scores for The Gunners to make it 4-2 in the 64th minute.
Rather late than never: Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny scores at the right end to make it 4-3 in the 89th minute after scoring an own goal.
In-front: Arsenal striker Marouane Chamakh hits a great strike to make it 5-4 during extra time.
Not for long: Reading striker Pavel Pogrebnyak celebrates his headed goal against Arsenal to make it 5-5 in extra time.

Leeds United 3 Southampton 0

Sunderland 0 Middlesbrough 1

Swindon Town 2 Aston Villa 3

Wigan 0 Bradford City 0 AET (2-4 on pens) 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where's the funny?

I'm trying to think of something to write about. It's difficult when you feel a bit ill at ease. I'm thinking of a friend who is having a tough go right now and I've momentarily lost the funny.

Like Elvis, the funny has left the building. See? That wasn't funny.

There are times when we are reminded of the fragility of life. We had a time like that back in August. This isn't that. It's a completely different situation, but still a reminder.

There are too many people who struggle too much. People who wait on the list for far too long, simply because of the lack of donors.

It's a sad situation. People wait and wait. You are listed when you are sick enough to need lungs, yet healthy enough to withstand the surgery and thrive afterward. However, you are listed due to the fact that your survival depends on a lung transplant. This means you are not getting better, and chances are, you will deteriorate.

For the hundredth millionth time, I urge you to consider signing up to be an organ and tissue donor. Another idea - give blood. Like they say, it's in you to give.

Unfortunately, many don't think about it until it hits home. It's pretty much moved into my home, taken over the remote and redecorated.

Now I must go sink my face in the tv. NBA season. Enough said.

Monday, October 29, 2012

CF & a teddy bear

This is no time to be lazy! Just cause there's a hurricane stomping around all over the place, and kung fu-ing the crap out of everything, doesn't mean you can just sit there and not do me a favor.

You're on the computer, or some other device that has enabled you to pounce on the world wide web. Your eyeballs are intact and your fingers are itchy.

I can tell you are silently begging me to give you something to do. You are thinking, hmmm, I sure wish I had something cool to do; something that would impact lives.

Something that would make Squeegee happy.

I have two suggestions (cause I'm very thoughtful).

1. Sign up to be an organ & tissue donor. Sweet huh? It's simple, takes about two minutes and saves/impacts lives. Best gift ever. 

2. Vote. Nope, I'm not talking about a political election. I actually don't care what your political beliefs are. I'm talking about a teddy bear. 

Cystic Fibrosis Canada (CFC) submitted its name to adopt Zeddy, the Zellers bear.

What exactly am I talking about?

Zellers is a Canadian discount retail store. It is closing. Zeddy was their mascot. Now that Zellers is pushing up daisies, poor Zeddy is unemployed.

Click here to watch Zeddy get the heave-ho from the big boss, and then watch as he tries to deal with life in the wilderness.

CFC has a history with Zeddy. They partnered with Zellers in 1985 and together raised more than $27 million. That's a lotta coin. Pocket change for moi, of course.

The winner not only gets to adopt Zeddy, but also gets a $5000 donation. That's a nice chunk of change that could be used in a whole lot of good juicy ways. Research, treatment, advocacy, access to high quality medical care and more.

That's a lot of really cool and important stuff. The way I see it, it'd be pretty mean of you to not take a couple of seconds to click here and vote.

Okay, come on. I don't think you'd actually be mean deep down in your gut, I'm just trying to solicit the generosity from deep down in your soul.

Hope it worked.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Monday! What are you reading?

 I’m joining Jen & Kellee (and many other bloggers) in discussing what we are reading this week. Join us! Go to their site and link up your own blog.

Man – these Mondays seem to be coming around faster and faster. Time needs to slow down! Here's what I read this week:

I read a lot this week – 18 books. The breakdown was as follows:

·      12 were picture books
·      3 were easy readers/ early chapter books
·      3 were actual novels.

Most were awesome! So many great books out there, I wish I could read more.

Reading plan for this week? To read these two books:

I also have 30 books I’ve ordered through inner-library loan. (Cybils) Hope they all arrive soon!

Rainy Weekend

It's been raining for awhile and looks like it'll continue to do so this entire week. If anyone should happen to get flooded, just check for lungs floating by, k?

Once you spy a set, chuck them into an cooler, stuff it with ice and direct it my way. Also, if you paid attention to my blog a couple of days ago, stop by the Dollar Store, grab the supplies and let's get this thing started.

Crack me open like a can of pop.

I spent the entire weekend catching up on relaxing...a bit different than last weekend.

Yesterday I talked to my (soon to be) sister-in-law, Em. Her daughter (my niece and Goddaughter) Taylor, turned 2 in August. T is in the middle of potty training. Nothing but a good time, right?

T was in the bathroom doing her thing. She finished, stood up...and the potty stood with her, seems the thing was a bit stuck. As liquid is, well liquid, it went everywhere. Em started to clean it up when T stopped her. "No mama, my mess, I clean it."  

OMG adorable.

So Em, I'm thinking...I have a condo that needs upkeep, you have a Molly Maid wannabee daughter. Feel free to ship T to Toronto. If she could get here in time to clean up my breakfast mess tomorrow that would be perfect.

It's good to always have a plan.

Today Brad's aunt stopped by for a visit as she's in Toronto. She brought me a present from Judy (Brad's mom). All kinds of goodies inside. Who needs to go trick or treating when the treat bag comes right to you:

Not sure why there weren't lungs inside. Next time Judy, next time.
Thanks Judy! I haven't taken the slippers off. Never will. Will wear them to bed, in the shower, around the town, during the operation, etc.

Fun fact: I am involved in a fantasy NBA league. It's run by my brother Jason. He got me on board last year and I did extremely well...came in second last.

We did the draft today. I was so nervous, as it's freaking intense. You have to think fast and pretend you know what you're doing. You watch others snap up the exact players you want on your team and then snatch up your backups. Next you desperately search for an alternative while sucking back truckloads of caffeine.

Jason probably thinks he's got it in the bag this year. What he doesn't realize is that Kobe Bryant and I happen to be best friends (we go way back) and he's going to ensure I take home the win.

You hear that Jason?? It's my year buddy.

Also, I have big scary muscles from physio, so you should be scared.

4 Healthy Snacks for Chickens-Treat 'em Right!

 Everyone enjoys spoiling their pets. We get a kick out of seeing them run to greet us at the mere sight of the treat container or the sound of the back door opening. But the wrong type of treats and treats in excess can be harmful to their health, stunt growth, shorten their lifespans and interfere with production in egg-layers. So, what can they eat, what shouldn’t they eat and how much is too much?

A good rule of thumb is: if you shouldn’t eat it, your pet chickens shouldn’t either (mealworms, insects and dirt notwithstanding). Common sense should be the guide in treat selection. The types of foods we require to maximize our own health are the foods we should consider when spoiling our chickens: high protein, whole grains, low salt, low sugar, fruits and vegetables. Dairy products are an exception to this general rule because birds are not equipped with the enzymes necessary to properly digest milk sugars. Think about it: mother birds do not nurse their young. Some yogurt on occasion is fine and does contain beneficial cultures, but too much can cause digestive upset and diarrhea.

What’s the problem with too many treats?
When chickens eat treats, they’re not eating feed, which is their primary source of nutrition. The ingredients in commercially prepared feed are carefully calculated by poultry nutritionists to ensure that a chicken’s daily vitamin, mineral and protein requirements are met. Supplemental foods (treats/snacks) replace a portion of those essential dietary elements to some degree. Excessive treats, even healthy ones, can cause any of the following: obesity, reduced egg production, malformed eggs, habitual laying of multiple-yolked eggs, vent prolapse, protein deficiencies, feather-picking, fatty liver syndrome, increased risk of heat stroke and heart problems. 
4 Healthy Snacks for Chickens
1. Scrambled Eggs- it may seem ironic to feed chickens eggs, but the truth is that eggs are an outstanding source of protein, vitamin A, vitamin E and beta carotene.2 During a molt, eggs are one of the best sources of protein to feed a chicken. Feather production and egg production are very protein-intensive and mealworms can help provide the protein necessary for these nutritionally demanding processes. Chickens will unequivicolly not develop a raw, egg-eating habit as a result of eating scrambled eggs.

Cooked eggs are an outstanding source of protein for chickens, which is
particularly helpful during a molt.
2. Pumpkins are packed with antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, minerals including copper, calcium,
potassium and phosphorus, dietary fiber and protein in the seeds. Pumpkin seeds contain 30 grams of protein per 100 grams of seeds.1  When in season, I make my flock "Peeps' Pumpkin Pie," as a nutritious snack. 
Unsupported claims propose feeding pumpkin seeds to chickens as a 'natural dewormer," however, there is no scientific evidence anywhere to suggest that pumpkin seeds are capable of deworming or reducing worm loads in chickens. As such, I do not rely on pumpkin seeds as a preventative measure or as a treatment option in my flock. I give my chickens pumpkins and pumpkin seeds simply because they're nutritious and they enjoy them.

3. Mealworms are a good source of protein, reportedly containing 49% to 51%. They can be purchased live or dried and can also be farmed very easily at home. During a molt, mealworms are a particularly smart snack choice.

4. Flock Block Substitute- Flock Block is a commercially available treat for chickens that is intended to entertain them and fulfill their natural pecking instincts.They can be purchased at feed stores for approximately $13. I have only purchased the product once or twice, but have always thought there had to be a more nutritious option. I made my own recently and am much happier knowing that my homemade Flock Block Substitute is a healthier, fresher, more nutritious treat for my flock.
For an extensive list of healthy treats for chickens, visit my blog here. 
My chickens get small amounts of scratch occasionally.
A note about scratch. Scratch is affectionately referred to as ‘chicken crack’ for a reason; chickens love it, can’t get enough of it and it’s not the best choice for them. Scratch typically consists of cracked corn and a mixture of grains, which tends to lack an appreciable amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. Scratch should be thought of as chicken candy and only given in small amounts occasionally. *Scratch should not be mixed into the flock’s feed.*

MYTH: Chickens should not eat avocados.
FACT: Chickens can eat the flesh of avocado in moderation. However, avocado pits and skin contain persin, which can be toxic in significant quantities.
MYTH: Chickens should not eat raw potatoes or potato skins.
FACT: Chickens should not eat GREEN potato skins. The green color indicates the presence of solanine, a toxin that affects the nervous system when consumed in large quantities. However, the average, healthy human would have to eat 4.5 pounds at one sitting to experience any neurological effects. Similarly, a chicken would need to consume large quantities of green potato skins to experience any effects. The leaves and stems of the potato plant DO contain high levels of solanine and are toxic to chickens. The take-home message?  If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t feed it to your chickens.
MYTH: Chickens should never eat onions.
FACT: Chickens can eat onions, chives and garlic in small quantities, occasionally. Sufficient quantities of onion and garlic can be harmful to chickens, causing hemolytic anemia, aka: Heinz anemia. “The alkaloid N-propyl disulphide is present in cultivated and wild onions, chives and garlic, and affects the enzyme, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in red blood cells,” which can cause Heinz anemia.
"Allicin, which gives garlic its odor, is also a strong oxidant. In rare cases, this chemical can be dangerous and can cause Heinz body hemolytic anemia, as well."
If you wouldn’t eat a bowl of raw onions, chives or garlic,don’t feed them to your chickens as a side dish.
The treat trail. They will follow me anywhere for treats!
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Rabbit and Robot: The Sleepover by Cece Bell

I’ve been waiting and waiting for Cece Bell’s Rabbit and Robot: The Sleepover and I’m glad to say it did not disappoint. My normal reading fare doesn’t usually contain as many early chapter books and easy readers as it has this fall. However, this year I’m lucky to be on the Cybils committee for those books so I’ve read my fair share. Bell’s Rabbit and Robot is one that I adore.

 Rabbit and Robot follows the story of two friends who are having a sleepover. Rabbit has created a list of things they need to do at this sleepover, and the order in which they should do them. Each chapter follows the friends as they check one more item on the list.

As I read this book I was continually reminded of another pair of friends whom star in an early chapter book series – Frog and Toad. I loved the Frog and Toad books growing up, and as teacher in the lower grades as well. I thought they were the perfect characters to teach – my students and I had wonderful conversations about the two friends. Rabbit and Robot gave me the same feeling as Frog and Toad did, and I immediately wanted to share the story.

The first child who read it was my son, Liam. We were early for the bus stop outside my school so he and I took turns reading each page. After about ten minutes of reading I noticed I had a larger than average group of children gathered around me listening as we read the book. I smiled as a middle school student asked me if I was going to finish. A good story transcends the age it is written for – and this book does just that.

In my classroom Rabbit and Robot is on display with the other books for the November Sharp-Schu book club. Fifth graders are in love with this book and clamoring for more. Their expression when I tell them that this isn’t a series (yet, I hope) is priceless.

I highly recommend the purchase of Rabbit and Robot: The Sleepover. It is the perfect early chapter book. 

EPL Super Sunday LIVE Coverage:

Hello everyone, and welcome to my LIVE Coverage of 4 EPL matches today, including the Merseyside derby between Liverpool vs Everton and the top of the table clash between Chelsea and Manchester United.

Here is the full list of matches being played today:

Everton host derby rivals Liverpool at Goodison Park. Who will win this derby if either?

Everton vs Liverpool: LIVE at 13:30pm

Everton host Liverpool at Goodison Park, with Everton having the slight advantage over their rivals for the first time in a long time.
They have been consistent this season, and have only lost 1 match this season. 

Liverpool beat Reading last week, and Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala in the Europa League on Thursday 1-0, so will be hoping to keep their form up. 

Not very often: Liverpol winger Stewart Downing scores in the 53rd minute against Anzhi on Thursday night.
Keep it up: Downing celebrates against Anzhi with his team-mates. They hope they can continue today against Everton.

Interesting: Newcastle host West Brom in a mid-table clash at St. James Park. Both have lost twice this season.

Newcastle vs West Bromwich Albion: LIVE at 15:00pm

This match will be played at St. James Park, as 11th placed Newcastle host 8th placed West Brom.
This will be an interesting match as both sides have played consistently this season. 

Newcastle played against Club Brugges on Thursday night and beat them 1-0 in the Europa League. They will be happy with another win against West Brom today.

On-form: Newcastle winger Gabriel Obertan scores against Club Brugge.

Underdogs: 19th placed Southampton are the underdogs at home against 7th placed Tottenham.

Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur: LIVE at 15:00pm 

Southampton have been very unlucky in matches this season, and find themselves in 19th place in their first season back in the EPL.

Unfortunately, they suffered two unlucky 3-2 losses to both Manchester clubs in their first three matches before losses to Wigan, a 6-1 thrashing against Arsenal, Everton and West Ham see them stuck in the relegation places.

Tottenham on the other hand have had a mixed season so far. They have drawn all three of their Europa League matches so far, and a famous 3-2 win over Manchester United will probably be their highlight of the season so far.

Boring: Gylfi Sigurdsson celebrates his goal against Maribor with his team-mates, but this is their 5th draw of the season.
They have only lost twice this season against Chelsea and Newcastle, but for a team whose main target is a Champions League spot, they need to stop drawing matches... 

Exciting match: 1st placed Chelsea host 3rd placed Manchester United at Stamford Bridge this afternoon...

Chelsea vs Manchester United: LIVE at 16:00pm

This is the crunch match today, as EPL leaders Chelsea host 3rd placed Manchester United at Stamford Bridge at 4pm. 

Manchester United can go within a point of the league leaders with a win today, but Sir Alex Ferguson's men know that they will be in for a tricky challenge.

Chelsea have spent a LOT of money over the summer, and their midfield is looking very promising. The deadly three of Oscar, Eden Hazard and Juan Mata have been tearing defences up for fun, but today is their hardest challenge to date.

Chelsea need to get the 2-1 loss against Shakthar during midweek out of their heads, and concentrate on title rivals United. They know that anything other than a win today will be costly, as the start of the season is the most important to get points on the board. 

Shaky Chelsea: Fernandinho celebrates his goal against Chelsea to make it 2-0 to Shakthar on Tuesday night.

Manchester City are only 1 point off Chelsea, so no pressure there.

Plus Sir Alex Ferguson has put his traditional mind games up, saying that Chelsea are 'not as good as Mourinho's side', but Manchester United are not very strong either.... 

Today will be an interesting gauge of how far both clubs have come, and everyone is expecting an exciting match.   


Team Line-ups:

Everton vs Liverpool:

Everton: Howard, Coleman, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Naismith, Neville, Osman, Mirallas, Fellaini, Jelavic. 

Subs: Mucha, Hibbert, Heitinga, Oviedo, Hitzlsperger, Gueye, Vellios.

Liverpool: Jones, Wisdom, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique, Gerrard, Allen,Suso, Suarez, Sterling.

Subs: Reina, Assaidi, Henderson, Coates, Downing, Carragher, Shelvey.

Everton are without the suspended midfielder Steven Pienaar who was given a controversial red card last week against QPR.
Fellaini returns to the side after missing the match against QPR.

Liverpool on the other hand keep goalkeeper Brad Jones in between the sticks as Pepe Reina is out with a hamstring injury, but on the bench as a precautionary measure.

Youngsters Raheem Sterling, Andre Wisdom and Suso all start for The Reds, while young midfielders Jonjo Shelvey, Oussama Assaidi and Henderson are all on the bench.

13:25: The players are walking out of the tunnel at Goodison Park.

13:29: Striker Steven Naismith starts for Everton today, in his first Merseyside derby.

The atmosphere is loud, and the fans are chanting and singing. 

13:30: This is the 219th Merseyside derby, and Everton kick off at home.

Everton vs Liverpool - LIVE Commentary:

0: Everton kick off, with Leighton Baines with an early corner. 

1: Liverpool young winger Raheem Sterling is furious with a cross by full-back Jose Enrique. Baines' cross was cleared away by defender Daniel Agger, before Liverpool had a dangerous counter attack.
Enrique's cross was poor.

5: Everton striker Steven Naismith's through ball to Nikica Jelavic is collected by Liverpool goalkeeper Brad Jones.

If only the ball was wide, Jelavic would have been able to test Jones.

8: Great feet by striker Kevin Mirallas to get past 4 Liverpol players, before his cross into the box was blocked out for a corner by defender Daniel Agger.

10: Corners:

Everton - 3, Liverpool - 2.

13: Drama.
Liverpool midfielder Suso plays a through ball to Jose Enrique and at the same time is fouled late by Steven Naismith.
Enrique crosses the ball into the box for Raheem Sterling. 
Sterling leaves it for Suarez, who hits the ball powerfully towards goal.... 
GOAL!!! Suarez scores and breaks the deadlock for Liverpool! 

On target: Liverpool striker Luis Suarez scores aganst Everton in the 13th minute, to kick-start the Merseyside derby.

15: And Suarez celebrates his goal by doing a diving celebration straight in front of Everton manager David Moyes, who has blasted him for his diving antics in matches. 

18: Midfielder Leon Osman is booked for a soft challenge on winger Raheem Sterling.
They were both sprinting for the ball, and Osman caught the back of Sterling's leg before they both went down. 

19: Liverpol midfielder Steven Gerrard whips the ball into the box from the free-kick...
Luis Suarez is unmarked and jumps to head the ball...

GOAL!!!! Suarez makes Everton pay with his 2nd goal in 5 minutes!

2 for me: Luis Suarez celebrates his second against Everton in 5 minutes with team-mate Martin Skrtel.

Tim Howard was never saving that....

22: An Everton corner is whipped into the box, but goalkeeper Brad Jones clears the ball away by punching the ball clear.

The ball falls to midfielder Leon Osman on the edge of the 18-yard box.... he hits the ball towards goal powerfully with swerve... GOAL!!!!!

Unstoppable shot by Osman, drilled into the far corner out of Brad Jones' reach. 2-1, and Everton are back in the match.

29: Raheem Sterling is harshly booked for a trip on Leighton Baines.
He has to be carefulm with his challenges now.

32: Sterling deliberately trips Baines again, after losing out to him for pace to win the ball. The referee Andre Marriner blows the whistle to give Everton a free-kick, knowing that he has already booked Sterling... He gives Sterling a final warning after some words with captain Steven Gerrard to calm him down.

35: Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini has a low cross across goal... towards striker Steven Naismith who taps the ball straight past Brad Jones inside the 6 yard box to equalise. 

2-2, and Everton have made a great comeback, after trailing 2-0 thanks to Suarez.

38: Everton winger Kevin Mirallas uses trickery and pace to skin full-back Andre Wisdom, before having a shot from an awkward angle parried away for a corner by Brad Jones.

40: Kevin Mirallas skins Suarez, before getting fouled by Suarez. A free-kick is given, and Baines whips the ball into the box, but the linesman flags for offside.

43: Mirallas skins Wisdom again, before having a shot blocked by Skrtel.

He limps off the pitch, clutching his ankle after a late tackle by Suarez a few minutes earlier. He is now receiving treatment from the Everton physio.

44: Everton full-back Seamus Coleman has a half-volley from 25 yards out, but the shot JUST goes over the bar.

Well-struck shot, unlucky from the youngster.

45: Mirallas is back on the field of play, while the fourth offical signals for 3 minutes of stoppage time to be added on.

45+2: Everton captain Phil Neville is booked for apparently diving, after going down from a push by Agger... Wow.

45+3: The referee blows the whistle to end the first half at Goodison Park.

A four goal thriller, and the match is not even over yet. What will happen in the second half remains to be seen, but if it is as good as the first half, it will be a contender for the best match of the season!

Everton have the upper hand, after a great 2 goal comeback. Can Fellaini, Naismith, Jelavic and co take all three points at home to cliam a famous derby victory? Can Suarez save Liverpool?


45: The referee blows the whistle to start the second half at Goodison Park, with both teams making substitutions.

Everton SUB:
Kevin Mirallas OFF
Magaye Gueye ON

Liverpool SUBS:
Nuri Sahin OFF
Suso OFF
Sebastien Coates ON  
Jonjo Shelvey ON 

Team Line-ups:

Newcastle United vs West Brom:

Newcastle: Krul, Simpson, Coloccini, Williamson, Santon, Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Perch, Gutierrez, Ba, Shola Ameobi.
Subs: Harper, Anita, Cisse, Obertan, Steven Taylor, Sammy Ameobi, Ferguson.

West Brom: Foster, Tamas, McAuley, Olsson, Ridgewell, Morrison, Gera, Mulumbu, Dorrans, Odemwingie, Lukaku.
Subs: Luke Daniels, Popov, Rosenberg, Long, El Ghanassy, Jara Reyes, Fortune.

Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur:
Southampton: Boruc, Clyne, Yoshida, Fonte, Fox, Puncheon, Schneiderlin, Steven Davis, Lallana, Lambert, Rodriguez.
Subs: Kelvin Davis, Hooiveld, Ward-Prowse, Do Prado, Mayuka, Chaplow, Reeves.

Tottenham: Friedel, Walker, Caulker, Gallas, Vertonghen, Sandro, Huddlestone, Lennon, Dempsey, Bale, Defoe.
Subs: Lloris, Naughton, Dawson, Sigurdsson, Falque, Livermore, Townsend.

52: Everton have started the second half, with precise passing.
They want to win here, but need to test Jones more as he lacks self confidence.

53: Good challenge by Leon Osman, as he sees the Liverpool counter attack, and tackles Steven Gerrard well just as he is about to play a through ball to Luis Suarez on the wing.

Suarez is protesting a free-kick but Andre Marriner is having none of it..  

55: Suarez keeps the ball in play, before running down the wing and beating Everton defender Phil Jagielka by passing the ball onto his body and running past him.
He has a shot, but the shot is blocked well and cleared away. 

56: Raheem Sterling is ready to burst and catch a through over the top ball by Jonjo Shelvey, but Jagielka catches him and trips him to ensure that he does not reach the ball.

Andre Marriner gives Jagielka a yellow card for blocking play and tripping Sterling.

FACT: Jagielka has been given the fourth yellow card of the match.  
57: Liverpool captain and midfielder Steven Gerrard has a free-kick, and takes it with a curling low shot towards goal....
PARRIED away by Tim Howard. Close, and was a good, powerful shot on goal.

60: Everton are pressing for another goal, after Fellaini's header towards goal is just wide, and a lovely piece of 1-2 play by Everton just needs the finishing touch after Coleman's low cross into the box is cleared away by Wisdom.


Everton - 12, Liverpool - 6

66: Everton free-kick, with Leighton Baines standing over it...

He whips the ball into the box, and Jelavic jumps higher than defender Martin Skrtel before heading the ball towards goal.. WIDE!!

He should at least get the shot on target... Another chance, not taken by Everton. You wonder whether they will begin to regret not taking another of their chances.

67: Ouch. The Everton fans are chanting, 'You know what you are, you know what you are, Luis Suarez, you know what you are'.

68: Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini shoulder barges Liverpool defender Daniel Agger in an attempt to shield him from the ball.

Agger grabs the ball in mid-air in anger at the challenge, and is given a yellow card for decent... Unlucky.

Liverpool make their last subsitution of the match;

Andre Wisdom OFF
Jordan Henderson ON 

70: Luis Suarez is given a yellow card, after studs up, and stepping on Everton defender Distin's achilles heel. Looks painful, and Distin is recieving treatment from the physio.

71: The two 3pm kick-offs have both started;

Southampton vs Tottenham and Newcastle vs West Brom  

76: Young midfielder Jonjo Shelvey has a shot from 25 yards out, but it is wide, and was not a good decision, as he had Sterling to his left.

85: Everton SUB:
Steven Naismith OFF
Bryan Oviedo ON

15:15 - GOAL UPDATE:

Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur,
St. Mary's Stadium:

15 minutes gone, and Totenham have broken the deadlock, thanks to the winger who did NOT last week in the London derby against Chelsea last week, due to the birth of his first child.
Young winger Gareth Bale has made it 1-0.   

90: The fourth official has signalled for 4 minutes to be added on at Goodison Park.

90+2: A Liverpool free-kick is whipped into the box, and the ball falls to Luis Suarez.... GOAL!!!

The linesman has his flag up though, and the goal is DISALLOWED.

90+4: The referee blows the whistle to end the second half, and the match at Goodison Park

Everton will breath a sign of relief, after a late goal was disallowed.
They will regret the fact that they missed a lot of chances, and could have won the game by more than 2 goals.

They got back into the game surprisingly quickly after Liverpool were 2-0 up, but in the second half did NOT take their chances.  

Liverpool will be disappointed having lead 2-0, and that they were not given a late goal, as Luis Suarez was not offside and was denied his hat-trick.

My Man Of The Match: Luis Suarez

He scored twice, got himself into good positions all of the match and was given Everton trouble throughout.    
Team Line-ups:

Chelsea vs Manchester United:

Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Luiz, Cahill, Cole, Mikel, Ramires, Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Torres. 

Subs: Turnbull, Romeu, Moses, Marin, Sturridge, Azpilicueta, Bertrand.

Chelsea name the same side that they played against Tottenham last season. Sturridge, Moses, Azpilicueta and Bertrand are all on the bench fo The Blues.

They look dangerous in attack, but are shaky in defence, so expect a lot of GOALS and drama in this match.

Man Utd: De Gea, Da Silva, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Cleverley, Young, Rooney, van Persie. 

Subs: Lindegaard, Anderson, Giggs, Hernandez, Nani, Welbeck, Scholes.
Ashley Young makes his first start for Manchester United after suffering an injury, while Rooney and van Persie start in attack. 
Javier Hernandez, Welbeck and Paul Scholes are all on the bench.



Southampton 0 Tottenham 2

Clint Dempsey made it 2-0 to Tottenham, after Gareth Bale broke the deadlock against his former club. 2-0 at half-time to the visitors.

Newcastle 1 West Brom 0

Striker Demba Ba has scored his 7th goal of the season to put the hosts Newcastle in-front against West Brom after 35 minutes. Half-time. 

16:00: The match has started at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and Manchester United.


10 minutes gone at Stamford Bridge, and the home side are trailing by 1 goal to nil thanks to a 4th minute goal by Robin van Persie.

Manchester United winger Antonio Valencia's cross into the box found van Persie whose shot hit the post before hitting David Luiz and going into the net.

14: Valencia runs down the wing, before drilling a cross into the box for Robin van Persie. He hits the ball low towards goal... GOAL!!

Manchester United lead by 2-0 at Stamford Bridge, and the league leaders trail.


Newcastle vs West Brom,
St James Park:

Striker Romelu Lukaku has equalised for West Brom at St. James Park. 1-1, with 55 minutes played.

23: Defender David Luiz has a free-kick from 30 yards out, and decides to have a shot at goal.
The shot is powerful, but David De Gea saves the ball from going past him, by using his legs.


Southampton vs Tottenham,
St. Mary's Stadium:

Striker Jay Rodriguez has given Southampton hope of getting back into the match at home. 25 minutes to go, and they are trailing by 2 goals to 1.

30: Whenever Manchester United break, Chelsea are getting split open, especially when winger Antonio Valencia has the ball.

36: Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel's cross deflects off Manchester United defender Jonny Evans onto the post! Corner for Chelsea.

42: Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic forces a corner from Manchester United winger Ashley Young.

Chelsea are piling on the pressure now...

Mata whips in a cross straight to striker Fernando Torres... he heads the ball towards goal... GREAT SAVE!! by David De Gea.

That was almost a certain goal until De Gea stepped in.

44: Chelsea winger Eden Hazard has the ball at his feet, and is brought down by striker Wayne Rooney just outside the box.
Free-kick for Chelsea, in a dangerous position....

45: Juan Mata stands over the free-kick, and hits the ball from 25 yards out... GOAL!!

What a strike from Juan Mata, and Chelsea are back in the match!

45+2: The referee has blown his whistle to end the first half at Stamford Bridge, with Manchester United leading by 2 goals to 1. 


Manchester United 2 Chelsea 1

If Chelsea can continue with the pressure that they showed at the end of the first half, they can equalise with ease, and maybe even win the match.

Manchester United on the other hand need to ensure that they do not stand back and let Chelsea play.


Southampton 1 Tottenham Hotspur 2

Tottenham's win pushes them up to 4th place, 5 points off the league leaders Chelsea, who are currently losing to Manchester United.

Clint Dempsey and Gareth Bale were the scorers for the away side, before Jay Rodriguez scored for Southampton, but it proved to be a consolation goal.

Heads we score: Gareth Bale heads Tottenham into a 1-0 lead at St. Mary's Stadium.

Tottenham midfielder Gareth Bale celebrates as he scores against his old club Southampton.

Newcastle 2 West Brom 1

Striker Papiss Cisse scored in the 90th minute to give Newcastle all three points at home to in-form West Brom.
Demba Ba scored his 7th of the season before Lukaku levelled the scoring at 1-1 after 55 minutes.

45: The referee has blown the whistle to start the second half at Stamford Bridge.
United lead by 2 goals to 1, but Chelsea are getting back into the match.

53: Chelsea winger Ramires equalises for The Blues at home! A header ended up past De Gea.

54: Chelsea winger Eden Hazard has a low shot towards goal saved by Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea with his feet!
Good save, as the shot was creeping in at the near post..

63: Manchester United winger Ashley Young has the ball at his feet... he runs towards goal before being tugged back by Branislav Ivanovic....
The referee points for a free-kick, and surely Ivanovic will get a card aswell...?
The referee pulls a card out of his pocket... IT'S RED!!!

Ivanovic is off! 
Chelsea are down to ten men now!

65: Manchester United SUB:

Tom Cleverley OFF
Javier Hernandez ON

An attacking minded substitution for United, as the pacy goal-poacher comes on after scoring twice during midweek.

66: Chelsea SUB:

Oscar OFF
Cesar Azpilicueta ON

Defensive change by Roberto Di Matteo, seeing as he is down to ten men, he must get as many players back as possible, but at the same time look for a winner.

Chelsea striker Fernando Torres on the ball. He knocks the ball past Evans before diving after a lunge by Evans...

The referee blows the whistle for a United free-kick and gives Torres a yellow card for diving... which is his second of the afternoon. RED CARD!!!!!!!! Chelsea are now down to 9 MEN.

72: Chelsea SUB:
Juan Mata OFF
Ryan Bertrand ON

Chelsea going ultra defensive now, because they are just looking for a draw now.

74: Manchester United SUB:
Wayne Rooney OFF
Ryan Giggs ON

Robin van Persie has a shot towards goal.. PARRIED away by Petr Cech! The ball hits the post and comes back out to Rafael, who's shot was turned into a pass straight to Hernandez. Hernandez shoots.... GOAL!!!!!!!!!

Manchester United lead again, thanks to super sub Javier Hernandez.

76: Replays show that Hernandez was in an offside position, but United do not care. 
Chelsea on the other hand are livid with the referee and linesman.
Midfielder John Obi Mikel is given a yellow card for dissent after arguing with the referee.  

82: Chelsea SUB:
Eden Hazard OFF
Daniel Sturridge ON

86: Chelsea are desperately looking for a late equaliser, but United are holding on for a 3-2 win.

90: The fourth official has signalled for 5 minutes of stoppage time to be added on, after two red cards from Chelsea.

90+2: Manchester United winger Antonio Valencia has been booked for diving.

90+3: Valencia has a shot one-on-one with Cech, but mis-hits his shot and it is well wide of the goal.

90+5: The referee blows the whistle to end the match at Stamford Bridge.


Chelsea 2 Manchester United 3

United lead 2-1 at half-time. Ramires equalised, before a controversial goal from Hernandez gave United three points at Stamford Bridge.

What an end to a memorable day in the English Premier League.


Liverpool lose a 2-0 lead to draw 2-2 against local rivals Everton.
Newcastle leave it late to beat West Brom 2-1.
Tottenham beat Southampton 2-1 thanks to Clint Dempsey and Gareth Bale.
9-men Chelsea lose at home to Manchester United, and slip up in the early title race.

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