Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Eggs Yet

by Meredith Chilson

I’m frustrated, irritated, discouraged, and a bit concerned. I have 18 laying hens. No, I have 18 hens. ONE of them is laying. The others, the Buff Orpingtons and Rhodies – the ones that have faithfully given me enough eggs for my family, and the neighbors, and the neighbors’ families — those girls began to molt about two months ago, and haven’t yet begun to lay again. I don’t think they’re interested in that job any more. The nest boxes – all but one — haven’t even had a visitor. The straw that makes such nice, sweet-smelling nests hasn’t been inspected or disturbed.

The only hen that’s giving me eggs is my little black Silkie, Le-A (that’s pronounced luh-DASH-uh — the naming process for this girl is a story for another time). Le-A is a special chicken. I bought her as a day-old chick, along with five others, from a lady who lives farther out in the country than I do. Le-A and Missy, an angry spotted hen, are the only two left; the others had medical (cross bills and weak knees) and mental (more anger issues) problems and ended up … well, where well-fed problem chickens end up around here — in a “cooler climate.”

Le-A is a friendly little hen. She talks a LOT. If I’m cleaning the floor of the coop, she’s perched on a water jug near my ear clucking about something. Chicken gossip? I’m not sure. Many evenings when I’m headed in to shut the coop door, I can hear her “buhk, buhk, buhk” as I come near the coop. She hums and purrs and compliments me on every treat I bring to the coop, too.

She’s near the bottom of the pecking order. She’s much smaller than the rest of the hens, and one of the last to come to the flock, so she must wait when I toss grain or greens out to them. Sometimes she’ll dart in to grab something, and then run to hide behind me until she’s swallowed it.

Perhaps because she has to take what’s left over, or maybe just because she’s a chicken, Le-A isn’t careful about what she eats. One day this past summer, I noticed that her crop was extremely engorged. She had trouble getting onto the roost at night, and was obviously uncomfortable. To be honest, I thought she was going to explode. I read chicken advice books, checked the Internet, and talked to my local farmer to see what to do. I had traced the cause to a pile of hay that had gotten mixed in with the straw bedding. A chicken’s crop often cannot handle long grasses — they wad up and sort of ferment rather than digest. My resources suggested a few things: massage, surgery, and my farmer’s advice: “She’ll either get over it or she won’t.”

For three days — several times each day — I massaged Le-A’s crop. She loved the attention, but it didn’t seem to do much good. (According to the books, I had to be very careful while massaging her so that she wouldn’t vomit and aspirate.) I couldn’t even imagine how to tackle the surgery suggestion: “Carefully open the chicken’s crop, remove the impacted fibers, open out the crop and rinse it with salt water, stitch back together.” How in the world would I be able to get a chicken to hold still while I did something like that? I was much more certain that it would cause ME to vomit and possibly aspirate. So I continued to massage (gently) and wait.

One evening I noticed that Le-A was sitting on the roost again. The next morning, she ran out of the coop with barely a “good morning.” Her crop was soft and much smaller. My farmer friend was right, as usual.

Le-A still loves a nice rub-down. And, as I mentioned before, Le-A is the only hen in my flock that’s laying eggs. They’re not very big (my neighbor calls them “sparrow eggs”), but they’re keeping me from having to do something that I haven’t had to do in three years: buy eggs.

What do you think? Should I try giving the other girls a massage and see if that convinces them to produce?

Cockpit Arts, Faircharm Christmas Fair and 'Gifted' weekend!

This weekend sees a flurry of opportunities to shop local, with Cockpit Arts holding its regular pre-christmas open studios, and the second Faircharm Christmas Fair taking place at the same time.

Faircharm Christmas Fair

I always enjoy the Cockpit Arts open studios, and last year I was impressed by the Faircharm fair too, which is no doubt why my unusually cheerful quote has been used in the press release! (I've left it out to spare my blushes...)

A wide network of artists and designer-makers will be showcasing their work on 3rd and 4th December at Faircharm Christmas Fair. This event provides local artists and designers with a platform to exhibit and sell their work in Deptford. Members of the public are invited to explore working studios at Creekside Artists as part of their annual December Open Studio event. Visitors will also have the opportunity to browse and buy furnishings, fine art, fashion and jewellery direct from local artists and artisans such as Katie New, Kaori Homma, Ruth Solomons, HB Jewellery and London Kills Me.

Masons Catering, whose pop-up café was a particular hit at last year’s Christmas Fair, have now established a more permanent base within Faircharm. The cosy Creekside Café will host an exhibition of work by Creekside Artists and plans to serve seasonal treats throughout the Open Studio weekend, alongside their regular menu of Fairtrade tea, homemade soups, sandwiches, cakes and tasty coffee.

Faircharm Studios, Creekside, Deptford, London SE8 3DX

12-6pm Saturday 3rd December
12-6pm Sunday 4th December


Cockpit Arts

Our Deptford Open Studios (2-4 December) are part of GIFTED a weekend of art & design in Deptford.

60+ talented designers lovingly make very cool fashion accessories, jewellery, homeware and so much more. Each piece has a story to be told and visitors have a joyous time doing their Christmas shop. Come on in and see behind the scenes…

Christmas Attractions include:
- Heal’s Christmas Picks – gorgeous gift ideas
- Paper-cut Stories – workshops for kids by Sian Zeng
- Prize Draw – win a set of bespoke tree decorations by makers
- Mulled wine and organic winter pies by Hand Made Food

Deptford: 2-4 December
18-22 Creekside, London, SE8 3DZ
Fri 2 December (11am-9pm) and Sat 3 – Sun 4 December (11am – 6pm)


These events are both part of the South London Art Map's Gifted; a weekend of contemporary art & design in Deptford which is billed as:

An eclectic mix of art design featuring work by over 200 emerging artists and designer-makers, over two days, all in one postcode.

Find out more here.

UEFA Europa League and Carling Cup Quarter Finals LIVE:

On a unusual Wednesday Europa League and Carling Cup night....
It guarentee drama and lots of goals...
Clubs including Tottenham Hotspur and Birmingham City play.....
Here we go.....

Braga 1 Birmingham City 0 FT
Hugo Viana scored the only goal of the night in Portugal as Brimingham have to wait until the last day to proceed to the Last 32. It came in the 52nd minute from a deflection which sent keeper Myhill the wrong way. Nikola Zigic had a penalty saved to deny putting City infront in the 10th minute.

Hugo Viana scoring the only goal of the game for Braga against Brimingham in the 52nd minute.

Attendance: 9,957

West Brom midfielder Zoltan Gera will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury.
Sunderland manager Steve Bruce has been sacked after a poor spell this season.
He brought in so many players.... which showed promise, but they were playing badly and not getting the results they needed.

Tottenham Hotspur vs PAOK Salonka: LIVE

PAOK: Chalkias, Stafylidis, Malezas, Contreras, Etto, Pablo García, Georgiadis, Fotakis, Lazăr, Salpingi, Athanasiadis. Subs: Krejić, Balafas, Cirillo, Sznaucner, Ivić, Arias, Papazoglou.

Tottenham: Gomes, Gallas, Bassong, Corluka, Lennon, Modric, Rose, Livermore, Pienaar, Defoe, Kane. Subs: Cudicini, Bale, Walker, Townsend, Fredericks, Carroll, Falqué.

Harry Redknapp wants the win here to progress to the Last 32.....
A stronger Tottenham squad than we've seen in recent Europa League fixtures..... which includes Modric and Defoe.

0: This match has begun at White Hart Lane after the one minute silence following the death of Wales manager Gary Speed on Sunday.
5: Cross into the box by PAOK..... header by Salpingi inside the 16 yard box..... GOAL to PAOK!!!! 5 minutes in and the away side have broken the deadlock!!!!
Poor defence by William Gallas and Sebastien Bassong... they were all over the place...
Poor goalkeeping by Gomes who stood still, took too long and had slow reactions.....
8: Corner to Tottenham. Cleared away by the PAOK defence.
10: PAOK are passing well here...
12: Ball into the box for PAOK...... Athanasiadis is there and sticks a leg out..... it goes past Gomes.... GOAL!!! PAOK are 2-0 up!!!
16: PAOK on the counter on the wing.... into the box.... BLOCKED!!! by Corluka for a corner.
16: Corner taken but it hits the side netting and goes out for a goal-kick.
17: Gomes takes the goal-kick long.
20: Tottenham knocking the ball around now... looking for a gap in the defence to try and exploit it.
38: Kostas Stafylidis handles the ball on the line from a Tottenham corner..... the referee blows the whistle and pulls a card out of his pocket.... IT IS RED!!! A harsh decison by the referee..... Midfielder Luka Modric steps up to take the penalty.... he places the ball past the keeper.. GOAL!!!! 2-1! Tottenham are back in it!
45: The referee blows the whistle for half-time here at White Hart Lane.

Manchester United vs Crystal Palace: LIVE
65: Shot from 35 yards out by Crystal Palace midfielder Darren Ambrose...... GOAL!!!! Palace are infront!!!!
69: Foul by Crystal Palace's Patrick McCarthy on Manchester United striker Federico Macheda. Penalty going to be taken by Federico Macheda..... he steps up..... shoots.... GOAL!!! He equalises for Manchester United. That was not a long lead from Crystal Palace....
90: The referee blows the whistle for full-time here... That means extra time will be played....
90:(extra-time) The first half of extra time has kicked off here at Old Trafford.
92: Shot by Manchester United midfielder Ji-Sung Park from 20 yards out..... MISS!!!
97: Foul by Manchester United's Ji-Sung Park on Crystal Palace's Wilfried Zaha.
Free-kick taken by Palace's Darren Ambrose from left wing...... header by Glenn Murray from 6 yards out....... GOAL!!!!! Palace are infront!! The dream is still alive!
100: Shot by Manchester United midfielder Darron Gibson from 25 yards out...... MISS!!! United are trying their best to equalise here.... putting pressure on Palace by taking lots of shots....
101: Foul by Manchester United defender Chris Smalling on Palace's Glenn Murray. Free kick taken by Darren Ambrose from 30 yards out..... SAVE!!!! by goalkeeper Ben Amos!
105: Shot taken from 30 yards out by Manchester United defender Paul Pogba..... MISS!!! And that will be the last shot of the half.
105+1: The referee blows the whistle for half time of extra time.
105: The second half of extra time has started at Old Trafford with Crystal Palace leading defending EPL leaders Manchester United by 2-1.
106: Cross by Manchester United defender Chris Smalling..... (comfortably) SAVE!!!! by Lewis Price.
110: Foul by Manchester United's Darron Gibson on Crystal Palace's Glenn Murray. Darron Gibson booked for a bad tackle. Free-kick taken by Anthony Gardner from own half.
118: Cross by Manchester United midfielder Antonio Valencia.... header by Mame Diouf from 6 yards out.... BLOCKED by Patrick McCarthy.
120: Cross by United's Antonio Valencia.... (comfortable) SAVE!!! by Lewis Price.
And that will be the last action of this match....
120+1: The referee blows the whistle for full-time here at Old Trafford. The shock of the Carling Cup has come back as Manchester United have been beaten AT HOME by Championship side Crystal Palace by 2-1.

Carling Cup:
Manchester United 1 Crystal Palace 2

What a result for Palace....
United's youngsters were unlucky....
Sir Alex Ferguson will feel disappointed as they lost to a team who they would have expected to won and had 21 shots but only one goal (which was a penalty) but now can focus on the EPL and Champions League.

UEFA Europa League:
Tottenham Hotspur 1 PAOK 2
Braga 1 Birmingham City 0
Rubin Kasan 4 Shamrock Rovers 1
Celtic 0 Atletico Madrid 1

Arda Turan celebrating scoring for Atletico Madrid against Celtic.

NK Maribor 3 Club Brugge 4
Rennes 0 Udinese 0

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Carling Cup Quarter Final Action LIVE:

Tonight's Action:

Chelsea vs Liverpool: LIVE
Chelsea: Turnbull, Bosingwa, Luiz , Alex, Bertrand, Lampard, Romeu, McEachran, Malouda, Torres, Lukaku. Subs: Hilario, Ivanovic, Ramires, Mata, Ferreira, Kalou, Anelka.

Liverpool: Reina, Kelly, Carragher, Coates, Enrique, Henderson, Lucas, Spearing, Bellamy, Carroll. Subs: Doni, Suarez, Kuyt, Downing, Adam, Skrtel, Flanagan.
Interesting teams there.... Liverpool look the stronger team and my money's on Liverpool....

Arsenal vs Manchester City: LIVE

Arsenal: Fabianski, Miguel, Djourou, Squillaci, Kosicelny, Chamberlain, Benayoun, Coquelin, Park, Frimpong, Chamakh. Subs: Mannone, Eastmond, Arshavin, Vermaelen, Gervinho, Yennaris, Ozyakup.

A young Arsenal team......

Manchester City:
Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Toure, Onuoha, Savic, Hargeaves, De Jong, Johnson, Nasri, Kolarov, Dzeko. Subs: Taylor, Richards, Bridge, Aguero, Suarez, Rekik, Razak. 

And a pretty strong 1st/2nd City team with Hargeaves, Dzeko and Johnson.... not to mention former Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri.... Great..... :(

LATEST: Cardiff 1 Blackburn Rovers 0
Scotland international Kenny Miller scored for the home side in the 19th minute against an underfire EPL team.... could they be in the semis....????

Chelsea vs Liverpool: LIVE
21: Cross by Liverpool's Jose Enrique into the box.... header by Andy Carroll from 12 yards out..... blocked by Alex..... it looks like it hit his hand.... HANDBALL! PENALTY!
Andy Carroll steps up to take the penalty.... he shoots... SAVE!!! by Ross Turnbull..... Missed a golden chance to put Liverpool infront....
26: Shot from Chelsea's Frank Lampard from 25 yards out.... MISS!! He tried it....
41: Shot by Liverpool defender Jose Enrique from 18 yards out.... GOOD SAVE!! by Ross Turnbull.. Liverpool are pressing for the first goal here....
Midfielder Josh McEachran is injuried....... Chelsea need to make a sub here...
Ramires ON
Josh McEachran OFF
43: Foul by Chelsea defender Ryan Bertrand on Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson. Bertrand booked for a late challenge. Free-kick taken by Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher in own half.
45+1: Header by Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku in the box.... MISS!! That will be the last chance of the first half.
45+2: Goal-kick taken by Pepe Reina.
45+2: The referee blows the whistle for half-time at Stamford Bridge. It is currently 0-0 with Liverpool putting pressure on the hosts... They were very close to breaking the deadlock in the first half and Andy Carroll will feel upset that he did not score the penalty in the 23rd minute. Chelsea will hope that they can start of brightly in the second half and see off Liverpool but it will not be easy.

Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0
Cardiff City 1 Blackburn Rovers 0
Kenny Miller has scored the only goal of the match so far. 1-0 to the hosts and a shock may be on the cards for the Championship side.
Arsenal 0 Manchester City 0
It is currently goaless at the Emirates where Arsenal are holding off current EPL leaders Manchester City. The only big news so far is that Sergio Aguero has come on for City... meaning that they are unleashing the Argentinan against a young Arsenal side.
Cardiff City vs Blackburn Rovers: LIVE
45: The second half has begun here.
50: GOAL!!!! Antony Gerrard has made it 2-0 to Cardiff!!!

Chelsea 0 Liverpool 1
Maxi Rodriguez with the goal for Liverpool in the 59th minute to open the scoring!!!!

Chelsea vs Liverpool:
61: Foul by Chelsea's Romelu Lukaku on Liverpool defender Jose Enrique. Free-kick taken by Pepe Reina in own half.
62: Foul by Chelsea midfielder Ramires on Liverpool forward Craig Bellamy. Free-kick taken long by Craig Bellamy into the box from the left wing.... a header from Martin Kelly past Ross Turnbull...... GOAL!!!!!! Liverpool are 2-0 up at Stamford Bridge now!!!
64: Chelsea SUB:
Juan Mata ON
Nicolas Anelka ON
Florent Malouda OFF
Romelu Lukaku OFF
Andre Villas Boas is going for broke here.... 2-0 down with 25 minutes to go....
66: Foul by Chelsea midfielder Ramires on Liverpool midfielder Leiva Lucas. Ramires booked for a bad tackle. Free-kick taken by Craig Bellamy from 40 yards out..... SAVED (comfortably) by Ross Turnbull.
67: Liverpool fans are chanting: 'you're getting sacked in the morning' towards Chelsea manager Andre Villas Boas.... very awkward....
Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva is coming off for Charlie Adam....

72: Header by Chelsea striker Fernando Torres from 6 yards out.... SAVE!!!! by Jose Reina.
75: Chelsea corner, taken by Frank Lamapard..... crossed into the box.... Frenando Torres moves into the box.... heads the box.... SAVE!!! by Pepe Reina.
Dirk Kuyt ON
Craig Bellamy OFF
83: Foul by Liverpool full-back Jose Enrique on Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka. Free-kick taken by Anelka.
Martin Skrtel ON
Maxi Rodriguez OFF
Wasting time.... he may not even touch the ball in this match...
90+3: The referee blows the whistle for full-time here at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea will feel upset that they did not progress to the last 4 but Liverpool played better, had a stronger squad and had more chances.

Liverpool celebrating Maxi Rodriguez's opener in the 59th minute against Chelsea.
FACT: Liverpool midfielder Maxi Rodriguez has now scored 10 goals in his last 9 starts for Liverpool in all competitons.
FACT: Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish is undefeated in 13 matches against Chelsea.
FACT: Chelsea have only won 3 of their last 7 matches in all competitions.

Arsenal vs Manchester City:
79: Manchester City SUB:
Abdul Rasak ON
Owen Hargreaves OFF
Just to confirm, no injury worries for the injury prone Mr. Hargreaves.
80: Arsenal SUB:
Thomas Vermaelen ON
Miguel OFF
83: Adam Johnson with the ball for City, he plays the ball into the box for Sergio Aguero who shoots the ball from 12 yards out... it goes past Fabianski..... GOAL! City have broken the deadlock....
86: Arsenal forward Gervinho with the ball.... he shoots from 12 yards out.... MISS!!! Close by the Ivory Coast international..... Still 1-0.
87: Arsenal SUB:
Andrey Arshavin ON
Alex Oxlade Chamberlain OFF
90+3: Shot from 30 yards out by Arsenal forward Andrey Arshavin.... SAVE!!! by Costel Pantilimon.
90+4: The referee blows the whistle for full-time at The Emirates. Arsenal hung on for 83 minutes with a young and relatively inexperienced team but Manchester City scored a late winner. Arsenal will feel upset as they were the better side but conceded late on and City will count themselves lucky with Aguero saving them from a Quarter final replay.

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero scoring a late winner against Arsenal in the 83rd minute.

Cardiff City 2 Blackburn Rovers 0
FACT: Cardiff have reached the Semi Finals of the Carling Cup for the 1st time since 1965/66.
Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2
Arsenal 0 Manchester City 1
Sergio Aguero scored a late winner for City to beat Arsenal's young guns in the 83rd minute by 1-0.

Last 4:
Cardiff City, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United or Crystal Palace.

Carling Cup:
Manchester United vs Crystal Palace: LIVE from 19:45pm

UEFA Europa League:
Stoke City vs Dynamo Kiev: LIVE from 20:05pm
Tottenham Hotspur vs PAOK Salonki: LIVE from 20:05pm
Braga vs Birmingham City: LIVE from 18:00pm
Atletico Madrid vs Celtic: LIVE from 18:00pm

Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

Hmm, not sure how to review this book. I went into it with absolutely no idea what the storyline was, characters, anything. I just knew it was by Selznick and it would amaze, and boy did it.

Unlike Hugo, the pictures and the text are not the same story but two different stories set 50 years apart. The pictures tell the story of Rose's life in 1927 and the text is the story of Ben in 1977. I had a feeling both stories would intersect at some point but I wasn't sure how.

Wonderstruck was moving, captivating, and inspiring. I had this book on pre-order but when it arrived, my students begged me to let them have it first. Once I did, it passed from hand to hand, never returning to my desk so I could have it. When I saw a student finish it yesterday I swooped down and had to promise it would be read in one night. My students, as always, were right. This one is a stunner.

Reading level: late 4th-8th if not higher (friend's HS son read it this week)
Genre: hard to categorize, historical fiction would be one.
Appeals to: All
Rating: Five Stars
Release date: out now

Miss Stretchberry - My 1st Slice of Life post

Slice of Life sponsored by Stacey and Ruth of Two Writing Teachers

Last night as I was reading through my Twitter feed I saw this tweet:

I paused for a few of reasons. First, anytime I see Sharon Creech tweet anything, I pay attention. One of the powers of twitter is, for me, the fact that I can communicate with one of my favorite authors on a daily basis. Two, I pondered if I was a “Stretchberry”. I hoped so. Love that Dog is one of my favorite books. I love reading the conversation between Jack and his teacher. I love that she inspires Jack to become more.

That led me to my final thought, had I been taught by a Miss Stretchberry? I would say a resounding yes. In response to Sharon Creech’s tweet, I sent this out.

Ms. Tuck was my first grade teacher. I think it was her first year of teaching. I idolized her. I clearly remember her clothes; she wore button down shirts, untucked, with a narrow belt around her waist. I remember asking for button down shirts and skinny belts for Christmas so I could dress just like her. What must she have thought of this six year old who was trying to be her? I don’t remember much of what she taught but more how I felt. Special. I felt that she loved me. I wanted to impress her. Was continually striving to do my best. I remember her giving me book after book to read.

Even after I left her room, she still sought me out. When I was a second grader I read the book The Monster at the End of this Book. I loved it. Miss Tuck came to me and asked if I would mind visiting her classroom and reading the book to her first graders. I don’t know how she knew I was reading that book or why she asked me, but what an important day that was.

First, I practiced reading it aloud. I lined up my stuffed animals in my bedroom, pretended they were my students. Read it aloud over and over. I would hold up the book as I read just as I saw my teachers do. I was nervous but so excited.

Then the day came. I sat in the front of her students, they sat on the floor. I read my book to them making sure to make my voice as expressive as possible. They laughed along as I read. Wow, it almost felt like power. I was reading and the kids were listening, enjoying, connecting. I left that room liking that feeling with the seed planted. I wanted to read to kids when I grew up. I wanted to make them laugh. I wanted to teach.

So I thank Sharon for making me take a trip down memory lane last night. I think of Miss Tuck often. I hope I am creating the same environment in my classroom that she did in 1980-81 in my first grade class. A room full of responsibility, wonder, possibility, and love. Thank you Jan Tuck for wanting me to do more.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Small Flock Hen House

by Kelli Simpson

We had this coop made by an out-of-work cabinet maker. Fortunately, he had chickens too and knew something of their needs.

The "custom" part of the coop is the living roof, which we planted with a seed mix called chicken salad!

Although the coop is more than adequate for our flock of four, there are a few things I would do differently next time. I hope you can learn from my mistakes! Here they are:

1. The interior roof is too low as a result of making a planter in the top. I would pay more attention to the inside dimensions.

2. As soon as they could fly, the chickens got on top of the coop and ate the seedlings out of the planter, decimating the first crop. We had to fashion a fence to keep them out until the plants were big enough to tolerate the feeding.

3. The chicken access door slides up and down in channels on either side. In wet or warm weather, the wood expands and makes the door very difficult to open. This has resulted in the handle recently falling off from the stress. I would recommend a hinged door.

4. The nest box is part of a swing-out door that gives access to the coop for cleaning. I also have to open it to fill the feeder and change the water. More times than I care to admit, one of the hens has been in the nest box when I swing that door open. It interrupts their laying, making them less likely to lay in the nest box, and more likely to hide eggs in the yard. If I could do it again, I would build the nest box with the opening lid only and put the big door on the other side.

5. After a visiting dog clawed some of the siding off of the coop (see below) and gained entrance through the nest box, I realized that the coop is not as secure as I would like it to be. If you have any worries about predators, build with solid surfaces, not siding-type wood like we have. Any determined predator WILL be able to get in.

6. Last, the ramp into the coop should be solid with "steps" for them to grip. What I have amounts to a ladder and it took the girls a while to get used to it. Even now, they usually just fly to the top instead of walking up.

Other than these improvements, the girls and I are perfectly happy with our lovely little house!

About me:  I'm a newly wed who recently moved to a new state. I am a nurse by profession and have found plenty of time for many hobbies. My husband and I became very interested in the local food scene and decided to take some steps toward supplying as much of our own food as we can. Part of that project involved keeping a small flock of laying hens. After much research we decided on cold-hardy heritage breeds, and they seem to be doing very well in our cold climate. We spent much of the spring and summer planting our first garden and growing our own vegetables. Somehow we also acquired some ducks and rabbits, too! Start with a few chickens and watch out, your menagerie will grow!!


What a remarkable coop; thanks, Kelli! We know there are other dedicated coop-extraordinaires out there, and we'd love to hear from them.

A Dollhouse of a Coop!

by Jennifer Durbin

Last summer my boyfriend built my beautiful, beautiful coop using only the plans I had drawn on a piece of printer paper, with these simple instructions: "It's gotta be cute ... and safe ... and warm."

And it is. There is 6 inches of foam insulation in the floor and ceiling -- 3 inches in the walls -- including the nest box, hatch and doors.

The roost and vinyl-covered poop board are at one end ...

The nest box is at the other ...

It has sufficient ventilation via operable vents and two functional windows -- all double screened with 1/4 inch hardware cloth. In the large clean-out door is fitted a secure screen frame for summer and well into fall. Suspended from the peak is an interchangeable fan or heater.

The outside measures 4' x 8'; the inside slightly less due to the insulation. Because of the small size, in the building of this coop, it was immediately clear that after framing, the interior walls should be installed first followed by the insulation and then the exterior sheeting.

Although this coop currently houses 4 bantam cochins, I can comfortably keep eight standard hens or 10 bantams.

Behind and under the coop is a secure run area surrounded by 1/2 inch hardware cloth. The wire screening is bent to extend a foot all the way around the run perimeter to prevent digging under. Inside the run is filled with 6" of rounded pea gravel to provide a well-drained comfortable walking surface for the chickens.

What my run now needs are suspended roosts for daytime entertainment. I did have a few bales of straw for them to hop on, but in the elements, these deteriorate and grow mold and mushrooms, which I feel makes them hazardous to my girls.

I have four bantam mille fleur cochin -- the goal is to add two more ... or three. Thanks for snooping!


This is a gorgeous coop, Jennifer. I'd be willing to bet that a few of our readers would love to borrow your boyfriend!

We know there are other dedicated coop-extraordinaires out there, and we'd love to hear from them.

And The Winner Is...

When I wrote my last post regarding the Purina 60 Day See the Difference Challenge FLIP Camera Giveaway, I had no idea just how many of you would enter for a chance to win! Over 90 readers entered for a chance to win a FLIP camera.

Last Monday, we assigned each entry a random number and placed them into our egg collecting basket. I would have preferred to fill the basket with eggs collected fresh from our coop, but our hens seem to be in a never ending period of molt, so it has been empty far too often. It seemed cathartic to fill it with something so positive, and the entries seemed like just the thing. For a few moments, the basket was happily filled to the brim instead of sitting empty as a constant reminder of our decreased egg production.

After shuffling the entries sufficiently, my two favorite young farmers dug deep into the basket and chose our random winner, number 25. We scanned through our list of entrants and found that our lucky winner was Deborah from Mendocino, California.

Before the night was through, Deborah had been announced as our winner on our Facebook page and on Twitter. Posting our daily update was nothing new as I do it every evening to share our farm harvest for the day. I will admit that it was a welcome relief to be able to post something other than our continuing tale of molting woe and empty egg baskets that evening.

By now, the Purina 60 Day See the Difference Challenge FLIP Camera is on its way to Mendocino. I have found myself using our FLIP camera to document all of the animals living here at 1840 Farm. It has proven to be an incredible tool for sharing videos of our first goat kids as they grow bigger and stronger every day. I hope that Deborah will be able to use it to share videos of her hens with the rest of us.

Congratulations again to Deborah for being selected as our winner. Thank you to all who entered and to Purina for providing such a wonderful FLIP camera to share with our winner. A special thanks to all who left me such incredibly kind comments. I felt like a lucky winner each time I read your words and learned more about you and your chicken keeping experiences.

This morning, I'm off to tend to our hens. It's time for their morning oatmeal dressed with kefir to add a little extra protein. While I know that molting will have to run its course, I'm doing all I can to help them get back to providing our farm with fresh eggs. I'll happily let you know when the day comes that our egg collecting basket is full of eggs again.

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One winner will be randomly selected and announced on Facebook, Twitter, and in a future Community Cluckers post. Good luck to all who enter. I hope that your flock will soon be enjoying a boredom buster to help pass the time during the long winter months ahead!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Friendship Doll by Kirby Larson

After attending NCTE and having friends comment on the fact that I hadn't read this book and why haven't I read it and when was I going to read it, I set about to right this wrong. What a perfectly wonderful book. In many ways it reminds me of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by DiCamillo in that there is an object at the center of the books that is on a journey and needs to understand what love is about. In this book it is a doll, a simply beautiful doll.

Larson uses the fact that in the late 1920's 58 friendship dolls were sent from Japan to America. The dolls went on tours and most ended up in museums. This book follows the story of one doll, Miss Kanagawa, but also the story of four children who interact with her and how they are changed as a result. Some of the stories were heartbreaking, some uplifting, all moving. I am grateful for my friends and their push to finally read this beautiful novel.

Reading level: 4th-6th
Genre: Historical Fiction
Appeals to: Girls primarily
Rating: Four Stars
Release date: out now

EPL Results and LIVE Match Commentary of Liverpool vs Manchester City:

Wales manager Gary Speed has died at the age of 42. He had commited suicide and was found dead this morning at 7am.

EPL Result:
Swansea City 0 Aston Villa 0
Both teams earned a point at The Liberty Stadium.

Attendance: 20,404

Liverpool vs Manchester City: LIVE
Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique, Henderson, Lucas, Adam, Downing, Suarez, Kuyt. Subs: Doni, Carroll , Maxi, Coates, Spearing, Carragher, Kelly. 

Manchester City: Hart, Kompany , Richards, Lescott, Clichy, Y Toure, Barry , Milner , Silva, Nasri, Aguero. Subs: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Dzeko, Johnson, Toure, De Jong, Balotelli   .

0: This match has kicked off at Anfield after the one minute silence for the death of Wales manager Gary Speed.
3: Throw-in taken by Liverpool defender Glen Johnson.
6: Cross by Manchester City's Gael Clichy, clearance by defender Glen Johnson.
6: Shot by Manchester City's Yaya Toure from 12 yards out.... OVER THE BAR!!!
7: Liverpool goal-kick taken by Pepe Reina.
7: Foul by Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva on Manchester City midfielder James Milner. Free-kick taken by David Silva.
10: Cross by Manchester City midfielder James Milner into the box.... cleared away by Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel.
13: Foul by Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany on Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. Yellow card given to the City captain for a mistimed tackle.
16: Cross by Liverpool midfielder Charlie Adam into the box.... cleared away by Manchester City's Joleon Lescott.
18: Cross by Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson...... caught by Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart.
22: Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero is away from the last defender... he is through on goal... OFFSIDE!
23: Foul by Liverpool forward Luis Suarez on Manchester City's Vincent Kompany. Free-kick taken by Yaya Toure.
24: Foul by Liverpool's Charlie Adam on Manchester City's David Silva.. Free-kick taken by David Silva. Fouls are flying in here....
28: Foul by Manchester City defender Joleon Lescott on Liverpool winger Stewart Downing.
30: Manchester City corner, taken by David Silva who whips the ball into the box.... Vincent Kompany runs into the box and heads the ball, it flies past Pepe Reina.... GOAL!!! City are infront!! 1-0! 
32: Foul by Manchester City's Gareth Barry on Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva... Yellow card given to Barry.
33: Shot by Liverpool midfielder Charlie Adam... hits Manchester City defender Joleon Lescott and goes past Joe Hart..... GOAL!!! Liverpool has eqaulised due to an own goal by Lescott! 1-1.
35: Foul by Liverpool's Stewart Downing on Manchester City's Gareth Barry. Free-kick taken by Barry.
37: Shot by Liverpool's Charlie Adam from 25 yards out.... FANTASTIC SAVE by Joe Hart with his feet!!!
37: Liverpool corner, taken by Charlie Adam who crosses the ball into the box for Luis Suarez..... shoots from 12 yards out...... OVER THE BAR!! Should have hit the target...
38: Liverpool defender Glen Johnson takes a shot from 20 yards out.... MISS!!
40: Foul by Liverpool winger Stewart Downing on Manchester City's James Milner. Free-kick taken quickly by defender Micah Richards.
41: Shot by Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure from 20 yards out.... MISS!!
44: Foul by Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel on City's Sergio Aguero. Free-kick taken by City's David Silva.
45+1: Shot by Manchester City forward Samir Nasri from 18 yards out.... BRILLIANT SAVE by Pepe Reina!!
45+2: The referee blows the whistle for half-time at Anfield. Liverpool are currently level with Manchester City, 1-1. Can anyone score in the second half to take all three points??? Or will it stay 1-1.
45: The referee blows the whistle to start this second half. No substutions here yet.
46: Shot by Manchester City's Samir Nasri... MISS!!!
51: Foul by Liverpool forward Dirk Kuyt on Manchester City's Gareth Barry. Free-kick taken by David Silva.
54: Cross by Stewart Downing into the box.... goes to Dirk Kuyt who heads the ball... MISS!!!
58: Foul by Liverpool forward Luis Suarez on City defender Gael Clichy. Free-kick taken by Joleon Lescott.

60: Handball by City's James Milner. Free-kick taken by Pepe Reina.
64: Cross by Liverpool winger Stewart Downing.... SAVE!!! by goalkeeper Joe Hart.
65: Foul by Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson on City's Samir Nasri.
Man City SUB:
Mario Balotelli ON
Samir Nasri OFF
Manchester City are wanting more attacking options... Trying to expose Liverpool's defence.
Free-kick taken by defender Joleon Lescott.
67: Shot by Liverpool winger Stewart Downing from 18 yards out.... SAVE! by Joe Hart.
67: Corner by Charlie Adam into the box..... header by Daniel Agger.... OVER THE BAR!!!!
68: Foul by Mario Balotelli on Adam. Free-kick taken by Lucas Leiva. 
73: Cross by Glen Johnson (Liverpool), blocked by Gael Clichy (Man City).
75: Cross by Liverpool's Dirk Kuyt.... SAVE!! by Joe Hart.
Foul by Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli on Liverpool defender Glen Johnson. Balotelli booked for a bad challenge. He has to be careful now... he is an attacker who needs to stay on the field if City are to win... Free kick taken by Liverpool's Charlie Adam.
78: Cross by Liverpool's Jordan Henderson.... shot by Stewart Downing...... MISS!!!!
82: Man City SUB:
Edin Dzeko ON
Sergio Aguero FF
84: Foul by Mario Balotelli on defender Martin Skrtel.... He has already been booked.... SECOND YELLOW! He's OFF!!!
84: Liverpool SUB:
Andy Carroll ON
Dirk Kuyt OFF
They are pressing for that winning goal in the last few minutes here at Anfield... can either of them they do it???
88: Shot by Luis Suarez from 12 yards out.... SAVE!!!! by Joe Hart!!!! Still 1-1.
90: Foul by Liverpool's Andy Carroll on defender Vincent Kompany. Andy Carroll booked for a late tackle. Free-kick taken in own half by Joe Hart.
Man City SUB:
Kolo Toure ON
David Silva OFF
90+1: Cross by Liverpool's Jose Enrique, header by striker Andy Carroll from 12 yards out... SAVE!!! by Joe Hart.
90+2: Cross by Liverpool's Luis Suarez, shot by Stewart Downing (Liverpool) drilled left-footed from left channel (20 yards), over the bar.
90+3: Shot by Stewart Downing (Liverpool) drilled left-footed from left channel (20 yards), over the bar. Shot by Luis Suarez (Liverpool) drilled right-footed from right side of six-yard box (6 yards), brilliant save (parried) by Joe Hart (Man City).
90+4: Goal-kick taken long by Joe Hart.... Full time here at Anfield.
Manchester City will feel disappointed that they did not win here as they scored first, conceded an own goal and had ten men. Liverpool will be satisfied with a point as they move back up to 6th place on goal difference but could have snatched three points as their were 17 shots for them compared to City's 7.

Manchester City captain opening the scoring against Liverpool in the 31st minute.

Attendance: 45,071

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hound Dog True by Linda Urban

I stare at this blank screen, how to describe this book. Mattie and her mom have moved, again. This time they have moved in with her Uncle Potluck. While her mom seems a bit clueless as to who her daughter is, Uncle Potluck "gets" her. He is the janitor at the local elementary school and Mattie tags along with him while he prepares the building for a new school year. Uncle Potluck seems to one of those adults who has a bit of magic in him. He can spin an amazing story, speak to the moon, fix a doorknob, and see into Mattie's soul.

See Mattie is shy, painfully shy. I've had students just like Mattie. I was, at times, Mattie. It is hard when you live in your head so much, you forget how to interact with reality. Linda Urban writes Mattie so that you can understand her. You can also see how she is just on that verge of growing up, torn between the kid and teen years. This is a beautiful story to share with our students.

Reading level: 4th-6th
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Appeals to: Girls primarily
Rating: Four Stars
Release date: out now

Today's EPL Results, LIVE Match Commentary of Arsenal vs Fulham and Tomorrow's EPL Match Previews:

Today's EPL Results:

Stoke City 3 Blackburn Rovers 1
Rory Delap scored a header from Jermaine Pennant's free-kick to brake the deadlock for the home side in the 28th minute. Midfielder Glenn Whelan scored from 20 yards out past Paul Robinson to make it 2-0 to Stoke in the 57th minute. Marc Wilson crossed a ball from his own half to Peter Crouch who drilled the ball into the net from 12 yards in the 72nd minute to make it 3-0 to Stoke. Steven N'Zonzi passed to Ruben Rochina who scored a consolation goal from 20 yards out in the 86th minute to make it 3-1 but Stoke took and deserved all three points at The Britannia.
Attendance: 26,686

Chelsea 3 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0
This match came from Stamford Bridge as two out-of-form teams faced each other.
Juan Mata crossed the ball into the box and John Terry headed the ball past Wayne Hennessey to open the scoring for Chelsea in the 7th minute. Mata assisted Daniel Sturridge from the wing for the second goal in the 29th minute. Ashley Cole assisted Juan Mata who eventually got his goal to make it 3-0 to Chelsea. Chelsea go down to 5th place behind Tottenham, Newcastle, City and United.
Wolves stay 17th in the table with 11 points. Juan Mata was excellent for Chelsea today, setting up two goals and scoring one to give Chelsea three points. 
Daniel Sturridge adding Chelsea's second of the match in the 29th minute against Wolves.

Attendance: 41,648

Norwich City 2 QPR 1
This match came from Carrow Road as Norwich hosted QPR. Defender Russell Martin opened the scoring for the home side in the 15th minute as Andrew Surman passed the ball into the box which was finished easily from 6 yards by Martin. QPR defender Luke Young equalised for QPR in the 59th minute from Jamie Mackie's pass. Grant Holt scored the winner for Norwich in the 74th minute from a Wesley Hoolahan cross. Norwich move up to 9th place in the table with 16 points and QPR move down to 11th place with 15 points. 
Attendance: 26,781 
FACT: There have been 29 goals from 7 meetings between these two sides.

West Brom 1 Tottenham Hotspur 3
West Brom faced Tottenham at The Hawthorns and if West Brom won, they would have moved up to 8th place and Tottenham in 5th place. The home side scored first as Steven Reid's cross found Youssouf Mulumbu who headed the ball past Brad Friedel into the net. They did not keep the lead for long as they conceded a penalty. Nicky Shorey pulled back Aaron Lennon in the penalty area and a penalty was given. A power penalty was taken by Emmanuel Adebayor and even though Ben Foster parried the ball, it fell back to Adebayor who put the ball in the back of the net to make it 1-1. In the 81st minute, Emmanuel Adebayor passed to Jermain Defoe who shot from 20 yards out and scored to make it 2-1 to the away side. In the last minute, Adebayor scored his second of the day, 12 yards out from a pass by midfielder Gareth Bale. Tottenham move up to 3rd in the table with 28 points and a game in hand. West Brom move down to 13th place with 13 points.
FACT: Tottenham have only lost twice this season.
Emmanuel Adebayor scoring the rebound of his penalty to break the deadlock for Tottenham against West Brom in the 25th minute.

Attendance: 24,801

Sunderland 1 Wigan Athletic 2
This match came from The Stadium Of Light as Sunderland faced Wigan Athletic. Free-kick specialist Sebastien Larsson scored for the hosts in the 8th minute from a pass by Kieran Richardson in the 6 yard box. Victor Moses was fouled by Sebastien Larsson inside the box in the 44th minute. Jordi Gomez made it 1-1 just before half-time by putting away the penalty. In the 92nd minute, striker Franco Di Santo scored a late winner for Wigan 6 yards out from a pass by James McArthur.
Sunderland will feel disappointed that they lost as they were playing at home, scored first, had more chances and conceded it the 92nd minute.
Attendance: 37,883

Bolton Wanderers 0 Everton 2
This match came from the Reebok Stadium as Bolton hosted Everton. 
In the 19th minute, Bolton defender David Wheater was sent off was a dangerous tackle on Bilyaletdinov.
Midfielder Marounane Fellani made it 1-0 to Everton after 49 minutes from 6 yards after Diniyar Bilyaletdinov's cross fell to him. Tim Cahill passed the ball to Apostolos Vellios who scored to make it 2-0 to Everton and pick up three points away from home against an upset Bolton team who stay 18th place in the table with only 9 points. They will feel hard done by as they were playing with 10 men for 70 minutes which cost them the match. Everton move up to 9th in the table with 16 points which they needed after picking up many draws so far this season.
Attendance: 24,058
FACT: Bolton have conceded 29 goals in 13 matches this season.
FACT: Marounane Fellani scored his first goal in the EPL this season.

Manchester United 1 Newcastle United 1

Today's featured game saw 2nd placed Manchester United face 3rd placed Newcastle at Old Trafford. Javier Hernandez made it 1-0 to the home side in the 49th minute after Wayne Rooney's pass was hit by Hernandez from 6 yards who placed the ball past Tim Krul. Defender Rio Ferdinand fouled Hatem Ben Arfa inside the box in the 63rd minute and gave away a controversial penalty. Demba Ba put the ball past goalkeeper David De Gea to equalise for Newcastle in the 64th minute. Jonas Guiterrez was sent off in the 79th minute after two yellow cards for Newcastle to build suspense for the last ten minutes of the match. In the end, it finished 1-1 and Newcastle fought hard for a well-earned point against a tough opponent.
Manchester United will feel frustrated that they did not win especially as they had 23 shots on goal and scored first.
United stay 2nd with 30 points but drop 2 points in the race for 1st place in the EPL.
Newcastle go down to 4th place with 26 points.

Javier Hernandez breaking the deadlock for Manchester United in the 49th minute against Newcastle.

Attendance: 75,954
FACT: Manchester United have drawn twice this season, against Stoke and Newcastle.
FACT: There were 27 fouls and 5 yellow cards in this match.
FACT: Newcastle have not beaten United at Old Trafford since 1972.
FACT: Newcastle striker Demba Ba has scored nine goals this season.

LIVE Match Commentary of Arsenal vs Fulham:

Arsenal: Szczesny, Djourou, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Santos , Song, Ramsey, Arteta, Walcott, Van Persie, Arshavin. Subs: Fabianski, Diaby, Koscielny, Frimpong, Gervinho, Chamakh, Benayoun.

Fulham: Schwarzer, Baird, Hangeland, Senderos , Arne Riise, Etuhu , Murphy, Dempsey, Ruiz, Dembele, Zamora  . Subs: Etheridge, Johnson, Kasami, Gecov, Hughes, Frei, Briggs.

0: This match is LIVE at The Emirates where Arsenal host Fulham.

4: Andrey Arshavin takes a shot...... goes past the keeper... GOAL!!!! 1-0 to Arsenal.... OFFSIDE!
4: Free-kick taken by Mark Schwarzer.
5: Throw-in taken by Fulham's John Arne Riise.
6: Shot by Fulham's Clint Dempsey... blocked by Arsenal's Johan Djourou.
7: Shot by Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey.... saved by Mark Schwarzer!!! Arsenal corner.
8: Corner whipped into the box by Robin Van Persie..... saved by Schwarzer.
10: Foul by Arsenal's Andrey Arshavin on Dickson Etuhu. Free-kick taken by John Arne Riise.
13: Foul by Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy on Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta. Free-kick taken by Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker.
15: Shot by Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey from 30 yards out..... MISS!
18: Foul by Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy on Arsenal's Mikel Arteta. Free-kick taken by Arsenal's Per Mertesacker.
20: Shot by Theo Walcott from 18 yards.... blocked by Fulham defender Brede Hangeland.
21: Shot by Fulham striker Bobby Zamora inside the penalty area.... OVER THE BAR!!! 
24: Shot by Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey from 12 yards out.... OVER!
26: Shot by Theo Walcott.... saved by Mark Schwarzer! Arsenal corner.
26: Corner taken by Arsenal's Van Persie.... cleared away by defender Phillipe Senderos.
27: Handball by Arsenal full-back Andre Santos... Foul. Yellow card given to Santos (handball) and Zamora (for dissent)
29: Shot by Fulham's John Arne Riise from 35 yards out... blocked by Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen.
31: Shot by Robin Van Persie from 18 yards out... saved by Mark Schwarzer!!!
33: Fulham corner, taken by Danny Murphy into the box for Brede Hangeland.... he heads the ball past the keeper... MISS!!
34: Volleyed shot by Arsenal's Andrey Arshavin... MISS!!
39: Foul by Arsenal midfielder Alex Song on Fulham's Moussa Dembele. Free-kick taken by Riise.
42: Shot from 18 yards out by Fulham midfielder Moussa Dembele.... FANTASTIC SAVE!! by Wojciech Szczesny to deny Dembele from putting the away side ahead just before the break!
45+1: Foul by Fulham midfielder Dickson Etuhu on Arsenal's Mikel Arteta. Yellow card brandished to the midfielder. Free-kick taken quickly by Arteta.... goes to defender Per Mertesacker who heads from 12 yards out... MISS!!!
45+2: Half-time here at The Emirates. Both teams have had chances but no goals so far here.... 
45: The referee blows the whistle to start the second half.
49: Foul by midfielder Mikel Arteta on Fulham's Moussa Dembele. Free-kick taken by Dembele.
59: Foul by Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey on Moussa Dembele. Free-kick taken by Danny Murphy. 
59: Shot by Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie.... blocked by Fulham defender Chris Baird.
60: Arsenal Corner taken by Mikel Arteta... clearance by Clint Dempsey.
62: Shot by Fulham midfielder Clint Dempsey.... blocked by Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker.
63: Moussa Dembele with a shot from 30 yards out for Fulham.... SAVE by Szczesny.
65: Fulham pressing..... Riise with a pass into the box.... the ball hits Vermaelen's boot, deflects and goes past Szczesny.... GOAL for Fulham! They are leading due to an own goal. 1-0.
Gervinho ON
Aaron Ramsey OFF
69: Arsenal SUB:
Abou Diaby ON
Per Mertesacker OFF
70: Diaby with a shot for Arsenal...blocked by Hangeland. 
71: Arsenal corner taken by Robin Van Persie... cleared away by Fulham's Clint Dempsey.
74: Van Persie whips an Arsenal corner into the box... Johan Djourou with a header... SAVE! by Fulham goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer.
75: Fulham SUB:
Pajtim Kasami ON
Bryan Ruiz OFF
Arsenal SUB:
Marouane Chamakh ON
Andrey Arshavin OFF
76: Foul by Fulham defender Phillipe Senderos on Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie. Yellow card for the Swiss international.
79: Foul by Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen on Fulham striker Pajtim Kasami.
Fulham SUB:
Andrew Johnson ON
Bobby Zamora OFF
81: Shot from Arsenal captain Van Persie from 12 yards.... OVER!!
82: Nice creativity by Arsenal winger Theo Walcott... he runs with pace down the wing..... crosses the ball into the box... finds Vermaelen... POWERFUL HEADER!!! GOAL!!! 1-1. Vermaelen with the equaliser for Arsenal!
84: Shot by Arsenal striker Gervinho from 18 yards..... saved by Schwarzer! He did not want to concede two goals in two minutes....
84: Another shot by Arsenal... this time from Theo Walcott from 18 yards out... saved again by Schwarzer.... Arsenal are piling on the pressure for Fulham, looking for the win here...
85: Shot by Van Persie from 6 yards out.... MISS!!
86: Foul by Fulham striker Pajtim Kasami on Arsenal striker Gervinho.
86: Shot by Arsenal full-back Andre Santos... blocked by Brede Hangeland...
90: Corner from Arsenal's Mikel Arteta... punched away by Mark Schwarzer! Cannot afford to concede here.... Fulham are hanging on... 
90+2: Arsenal corner taken by Mikel Arteta.... into the box for captain Van Persie... he heads the ball... SAVE!!! by Schwarzer! And that will be the last action of the match...
90+3: The referee blows the whistle here at The Emirates. Arsenal move up to 6th place with 23 points and Fulham move up to 15th place with 12 points. Arsenal will feel upset that they conceded an own goal and could not move further up the table with a win but relieved that they did not lose and Fulham will feel that they should have dominated the game better and not conceded late on in the match. A point for both teams is not the score that reflected the game as Arsenal took 20 shots to Fulham's 10 and dominated possession throughout the match. 

Attendance: 60,043 

Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen scoring in the 82nd minute for Arsenal to take a point at home against Fulham.
Tomorrow's EPL Matches:
Swansea City vs Aston Villa: LIVE from 13:30pm
This match comes from the Liberty Stadium as 14th placed Swansea face 10th placed Aston Villa. 
On-loan midfielder Jermaine Jenas will return to the Aston Villa squad for tomorrow's match against Swansea.
Captain Stiliyan Petrov (hamstring) and fellow midfielder Chris Herd (leg) are battling to be fit to play.
Swansea midfielder Joe Allen may return to the first 11 after recovering from a calf problem.
Centre-half Steven Caulker has returned to training after his knee injury, but is unlikely to be risked by manager Brendan Rodgers.
Aston Villa have attacking flair with Gabriel Agbonlahor, Darren Bent and Marc Albrighton. They will hope that they can comfortably win tomorrow. Swansea will try keep a high offside line and keep Villa out of their 16 yard box.

Liverpool vs Manchester City: LIVE from 16:00pm
This match comes from Anfield as Liverpool host EPL leaders Manchester City.
Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has recovered from a fever ahead of tomorrw's match against Liverpool.
City have no injury concerns ahead of the match but Argentinan striker Carlos Tevez remains out of the first-team picture.
Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish is unlikely to make many changes to his first 11.
Defender Jamie Carragher may feature for The Reds but may not start due to lack of match fitness.
Winger Stewart Downing may start for Liverpool after being dropped least weekend but captain Steven Gerrard is still not fit to return from an ankle infection.

This match will be interesting as two top clubs with high talent and potential face each other. Manchester City have the chance to extend their lead at the top of the EPL table to seven points (with United held to a draw tonight) but it will not be easy for them against Kenny Daglish's men who have a strong defence and many attacking options which includes Craig Bellamy, Luis Suarez, Maxi Rodriguez, Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing. Liverpool want to move back up to 6th place and pressure London clubs Arsenal and Chelsea but they will have to play superbly as they face City's defence who have only conceded 11 goals this season. Manchester City are not short of talent either with Sergio Aguero, Samir Nasri, Edin Dzeko, Adam Johnson and Mario Balotelli. This will be a big, attacking match so expect goals, shots and passing spells.

FACT: These two teams have scored 58 goals in 26 matches between them...