Monday, October 31, 2011

My Chicken Farmhouse

by Mindy Rivera

I live in Mansfield, Texas, just outside of Fort Worth. I am a full-time realtor and part-time hobby farmer. Two years ago, I found my dream home on 5 acres. When I designed my coop, I knew I wanted it to tie in with my home ... So, it had to be functional, and it had to look good!

With the help of my friend Sergio Marin, we succeeded in getting both. Because I live on open land with not much to block the wind, we knew we had to place most of our vertical 4x4's in concrete. All of the wood used in the run is made of treated lumber; the rafters and the center beam are constructed of 2x6's, and the exterior of the coop is fiber cement siding.

The wire mesh surrounding the run, screen door and windows is strong enough to withstand most predators that might try to tear through it. An electrical GFCI outlet was installed just outside the enclosed coop in the run, so that a powerful electric fence energizer could be plugged in and an electric wire could run along the bottom outer edge of the entire run.

The unit is livestock-strength, discouraging any predator from ever returning if they get zapped even once. The outlet is also used for an electric heated water feeder during the winter. A small coop was placed in the run for those extremely hot summer Texas nights when the hens prefer to sleep outside and enjoy the night breeze.

The ground in the run consists of a mixture of play sand and very small gravel. This makes for very easy cleanup by just raking and sifting through the poop, much like a cat litter box. The sand keeps the run from turning into a muddy mess when it rains, and I am able to wet it down so that the hens are able to cool off in the hot summer.

A nice house door with glass and two windows were strategically installed to allow the morning sun and the evening sun to shine through for longer daylight hours to encourage egg laying. These windows also help keep the coop warm during the cold winter months, but a solar screen is installed on the east side window to help reduce the heat and can be opened to help with ventilation.

The roof is a 30-year composition roof in a green tri-color that ties in with the back barn roof when viewed from the road. A convenient exterior hatch was installed to enable egg collection without having to enter the coop. In the interior of the coop there is a 2-level roosting bar where the hens sleep at night. Several electrical plugs were installed throughout the coop for many uses.

One of the most important uses of the plugs is for a timer that slides open and closes a plexiglass panel on the chicken door, which is set to open 30 minutes before sun up and closes 45 minutes after the sun goes down. A battery backup is essential for those power outages during spring storms.

A full-size fan remains on through most of the summer months. A corner shelf was installed to set and secure an air heater during the coldest days and nights of the winter. The flooring is a thick, solid piece of plywood covered with linoleum and a thick layer of pine bedding material for easy clean up, mainly under the roosting bars.

To make the coop feel more like a real home, pictures of different breeds of chickens and roosters are hung on the walls and an actual house light fixture hangs from the ceiling. There's also a porch light outside the door, a chicken door knocker and chicken wind chimes that blow in the wind. Seasonal flowers are always blooming in the pots outside the coop.

Next, I would like to have insulation installed, covered by solid sheets of plywood and gutters with downspouts leading into rain barrels (to be used for watering the garden boxes nearby).


Wow, Mindy, that is an impressive coop! We know there are other dedicated coop-extraordinaires out there, and we'd love to hear from them.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chicken Breeds and (5-egg) Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Bread

by Rebecca Nickols

Earlier this spring, I added three new chicks to my flock, making a total of five chickens residing in my coop. The new pullets started laying in late summer and now (in the fall) I'm getting about five wonderful, delicious eggs a day! The new breeds that I added have made my flock a colorful collection of chickens, and I love watching them forage in the fallen maple leaves. Their beautiful feathers seem to blend in perfectly with the autumn landscape. I thought I'd share my best photos of my flock and a little info on each breed ...

Buff Orpington
Classified as a heavy (7-8 pounds), dual-purpose bird, Buffs are winter hardy with a calm, docile temperament. They lay large, light-brown eggs. They're a popular breed not only because of their friendly personalities, but also because they are also good brooders and mothers.
(Meets the ALBC's Heritage Chicken definition.)

When I first decided to have backyard chickens, I actually "Googled" what the most family-friendly, winter-hardy chicken breed was ... and a Buff Orpington was at the top of the list. "Henrietta" has certainly proven to be a wonderful addition to my little flock. She's easy-going, calm and was extremely polite and welcoming when I introduced her to the younger birds! "Edison," my other Buff, is a different story ... She relentlessly pecks and chases the younger chickens in an attempt to maintain her position on the roost. She is calm and docile when I try to hold her. She just doesn't play well with others.

Barred Plymouth Rock
Also a large breed (7-8 pounds), "Barred Rocks" are one of the most popular backyard chicken breeds. They have a great disposition, make good mothers, are tolerant of cold climates and lay large brown eggs.
(Meets the ALBC's Heritage Chicken definition.)

"Cleopatra" is such a beautiful bird and it seems that when I have visitors to my coop, she is always picked as their favorite. She does have a very laid-back personality and behaves nicely with the rest of the flock.

Golden Laced Wyandotte
Wyandottes are large (7-8 pounds) birds that include several varieties (in addition to the Golden Laced): Silver Laced, White, Black, Buff, Partridge, Silver Penciled, Columbian, Blue. They're winter hardy, easy-going (calm and docile) and lay large brown eggs.
(Meets the ALBC's Heritage Chicken definition.)

"Athena" is a gorgeous bird, but she's not at all like the description above. Her temperament is more like "Henny Penny": She's convinced that the "sky is falling." She's afraid of everything and everyone (including her own shadow). I find it odd though, that even with her scared-of-everything personality, she's the one that leads the flock on their foraging adventures ... much too far away from the coop.

Cinnamon Queen
A medium-sized bird (5-6 pounds), tolerant of the cold and an excellent layer of large brown eggs. Cinnamon Queens are a sex-linked cross breed created from a Silver Laced Wyandotte hen and a New Hampshire rooster.

This breed has not been given recognition by the American Poultry Association. Cinnamon Queens will start to lay eggs at a younger age than most standard breeds. They are also color sexable as chicks: Cockerels are white, and the pullets are more brownish red in color.

"Esther" is my smallest pullet, but she's a spit-fire and full of energy ... She's always the first one to greet me, the first to grab a treat, and she can run the fastest and jump the highest! I had originally wanted a Rhode Island Red, but when I purchased my chicks a pullet (female) couldn't be guaranteed. I didn't want a rooster and the "chicken-seller" assured me a Cinnamon Queen was the next best thing. Plus, he gave me his word it was a "she" and not a "he." We're all glad Esther is part of the flock ... She's the life of the party!

When I chose the breeds of my flock, I had a few specific characteristics in a chicken that I was looking for. I wanted a good egg layer with a gentle personality, but it also needed to withstand our Missouri winters without having to heat the coop.

Several online sites have listings of different breeds that include detailed descriptions, and if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod you can download a cool app from Mother Earth News called Pickin' Chicken. You enter why you want chickens (eggs, meat, dual) then choose the egg color/size and rate of egg laying you prefer. Then the app picks the best breeds based on your needs. Pickin' Chicken also features an illustrated guide to 82 chicken breeds and more than 100 varieties, with 250-plus photos. You'll also find a browsable alphabetical listing of chicken types, a glossary of terms, educational resources, tips on chicken care, and a link to upload your own chicken photos. All of that for $2.99 ... That's a lot cheaper than any book that includes that much info. Here's a link to a video demo of the iPhone app: Pickin' Chicken Breed Selector.

So, what am I doing with five eggs a day from my colorful little flock? I'm trying to experiment with new recipes that have eggs as a main ingredient (or at least call for a lot of eggs). I also enjoy sharing my surplus with friends, family and co-workers. Here's a recipe that calls for a day's worth of eggs from my backyard coop. You could certainly find a healthier version of pumpkin bread that has less oil and sugar, but I guarantee you won't find one tastier than this!

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Bread

1 1/4 cups oil
5 eggs
2 cups pumpkin
2 cups flour
2 cups sugar
2 pkg. cook-and-serve vanilla pudding (small boxes)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
Blend oil, eggs and pumpkin. Combine other ingredients and add to pumpkin mixture. Sprinkle and lightly pat on the crumb topping (see recipe below). Bake in 2 greased/floured loaf pans at 325° for 1 hour. Lightly dust with powder sugar after bread has cooled.

Crumb Topping: 1/2 cup flour, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, pinch of salt. With a pastry blender, cut 3 Tbsp butter into flour mixture until it resembles coarse crumbs.

To view what else is happening at our southwest Missouri property, visit the garden-roof coop.

EPL LIVE Match Results and Scores, Carling Cup Quarter Final Draw and EPL News:

Chelsea 3 Arsenal 5 FT
Frank Lampard scored to break the deadlock in the 14th minute. Robin Van Persie equalised for Arsenal in the 36th minute. Defender John Terry scored just before half-time to make it 2-1. Andre Santos equalised to make it 2-2 in the 49th minute. Theo Walcott put Arsenal in front for the first time in the match in the 56th minute. Chelsea midfielder Juan Mata made it 3-3 in the 81st minute with a 20 yard striker. Robin Van Persie put Arsenal back in front after John Terry slipped and made a mistake. Van Persie completed his hat-trick in the 90th minute to make it 5-3 to Arsenal. This means Arsenal move up to 6th in the table and Chelsea stay 3rd but are slipping behind and are now 9 points behind leaders City.

Robin Van Persie scored a hat-trick as Arsenal beat rivals Chelsea by 5 goals to 3.

FACT: This is the first time that Chelsea have conceded 5 at Stamford Bridge since the PL started in 1992.
FACT: Robin Van Persie has scored his second hat-trick of this season.

Everton 0 Manchester United 1 FT
Javier Hernandez scored the only goal of the match in the 17th minute for United. They stay second and put the pressure on rivals City. Everton battled well but could not score or take any chances well. United put last week's 6-1 defeat to rivals City behind them but are not back to their best. Their defence is unstable and athlough they won today, Everton lack strikers and lacked a goal threat throughout the match. If they had faced one of the top six in the EPL, the result would have been different.

Javier Hernandez celebrating the only goal of the match against Everton.

Carling Cup Quarter Final Draw:
Arsenal vs Manchester City
Chelsea vs Liverpool
Cardiff vs Blackburn Rovers
Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

Ties to be played on week commencing November 28

EPL's LIVE 15:00pm Kick-offs:

Manchester City vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
Swansea City vs Bolton Wanderers
Norwich City vs Blackburn Rovers
Wigan vs Fulham
Sunderland vs Aston Villa

West Bromwich Albion vs Liverpool

Manchester City 3 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1
Edin Dzeko, Aleksandar Kolarov and Adam Johnson all scored for City as they beat Wolves art Eastlands. They stay top of the table and are five points clear of rivals United. Stephen Hunt scored a consolation penalty goal for the visitors after Vincent Kompany was sent off for City after a bad challenge on Kevin Doyle.

Swansea City 3 Bolton Wanderers 1
Joe Allen broke the deadlock for Swansea in the 49th minute. Scott Sinclair doubled Swansea's lead in the 60th minute from a penalty. Danny Graham scored an own goal to give Bolton late hope but Danny Graham redeemed himself in the last minute of stoppage time.

Norwich City 3 Blackburn Rovers 3
Norwich salvaged a point at home as they came back from 3-1 down to draw 3-3. Grant Holt scored the late equaliser in the 5th minute of stoppage time with a penalty. Junior Holiett opened the scoring just before half-time with a well struck shot which flew past John Ruddy. Wles striker Steve Morison leveled for Norwich in the 53rd minute but two goals in quick succession from Yakubu and captain Christopher Samba looked to prove a victory for Steve Kean's side. However, City had a lifeline when Bradley Johnson's deflected effort went past Paul Robinson. Norwich had a penalty appeal in the last minute of stoppage time as Steven NZonzi's arm hit the ball when he was a appealing for a free-kick. The referee harshly gave a penalty and substitute Grant Holt buried the ball into the bottom corner of the net. This means that Blackburn are still bottom of the table and Norwich are up into 7th.

Wigan 0 Fulham 2
Moussa Dembele and Clint Dempsey both scored for Fulham as they won their first away win of the season.
Moussa Dembele adding Fulham's second of the match close to full-time.

Sunderland 2 Aston Villa 2
Stilliyan Petrov scored an early strike to put Villa ahead. Connor Wickham equalised for The Black Cats. Defender Richard Dunne scored a header from a free-kick to put Villa 2-1 up.
Stephane Sessegnon scored a late equaliser to make it 2-2 from an unmarked header.
Stephane Sessegnon heads the ball past Shay Given to equalise late on for Sunderland.

West Bromwich Albion 0 Liverpool 2
Chalie Adam scored a penalty and Andy Carroll also scored as Liverpool beat West Brom comfortably at The Hawthorns. Charlie Adam put the away side ahead in the 9th minute and a dangerous counter attack ended in Carroll making it 2-0 just before half-time. This means that Liverpool are still 5th (only a point behind Newcastle) and West Brom drop to 13th in the table.

Charlie Adam scoring from the penalty spot to make it 1-0 to Liverpool in the 9th minute.

FACT: Robin Van Persie has now scored 28 goals this year and 12 this EPL season making him the top goalscorer so far this season.
FACT: Liverpool are now unbeaten in 6 games.
FACT: Bolton have lost 13 out of their last 15 matches.
FACT: More than 3 players played against their old club today: Ashley Cole, Arsenal: Darren Pratley, Swansea and Darren Bent, Sunderland.
FACT: Blackburn have only won 2 out of their last 11 games this season (in Domestic and EPL)
FACT: Chelsea have lost two London Derbies in two weeks: Arsenal and QPR.
FACT: Chelsea have also not kept a clean sheet in 9 EPL matches.
FACT: Wolverhampton Wanderes have not won a match in 8 games.

Tottenham Hotspur vs QPR: LIVE from 16:00pm

Stoke City vs Newcastle United: LIVE from 20:00pm

EPL News:

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson admits striker Wayne Rooney will always be "a traitor" in the eyes of Everton.

Manchester United defender Chris Smalling is out for at least a month with a broken foot.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp thinks QPR boss Neil Warnock could rival him to become the next England manager.

Tottenham striker Roman Pavlyuchenko wants to leave Tottenham due to a lack of first-team action.

Roberto Mancini will become the highest paid EPL manager when City offer him £22million four-year deal as a reward for his improvements.

Arsenal are very interested in signing £20million-rated Montenegro international Stevan Jovetic in January.

Fulham striker Bobby Zamora admits he needs to up his game if he is to get back into the England squad.

Roberto Mancini insists he "loves" Adam Johnson and is determined to see him improve.

Lille midfielder Eden Hazard has revealed his desire to move abroad at the end of the season. He says he does not want to stay in Paris. This almost certainly rules out PSG who are situated in Paris. Real Madrid, Manchester United and Arsenal are all interested. Buy him Wenger!!

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Rafael van der Vaart has told Arsenal not to get carried away with their win over Chelsea and insists that Tottenham are still the best team in north London. No, I disagree.

Liverpool captain and midfielder Steven Gerrard is believed to have picked up a knock in training which subsequently became infected and required medical intervention at a Liverpool hospital on Sunday.

Tidemill Academy/Deptford Lounge delays drag on

As the construction of the public realm works in front of the new Deptford Lounge/Tidemill Academy grind slowly onwards, it's not yet clear when the relocated library will be ready for use. The library in Wavelengths was closed some weeks ago and at the time, Crosswhatfields reported that according to the library staff, it would reopen on Monday 31 October.

However the ground floor of the Deptford Lounge certainly looks pretty empty right now; unless they are planning a 24-hour shelf construction and book stacking exercise I'm not sure how they are going to pull that one off.

The new building was due to be ready for occupation in 'autumn 2011' so I guess there's still time for them to sneak it in before winter officially hits us.

Progress is definitely slow at Tidemill Academy, however. Originally planned to start this academic year in the new building, they are now not expecting to move until after christmas. But according to a story in the Evening Standard yesterday, the academy is planning to shut the school two weeks early in order to carry out the move, leaving parents with the difficulty of organising child care during this period.

The school has organised a playscheme for the two week period, according to the story, but parents will have to pay £100 per week for each child they send there; a shocking amount of money for anyone to have to shell out just two weeks before christmas, never mind the parents of children living in 'one of the most deprived parts of London' as Tidemill's own website describes it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Convoys in the news

The so-called 'Battle of Convoys Wharf' has been in the news this week, with a two-page article published in the Evening Standard arts section on Wednesday.

In this high-profile article, our old friend Kieran Long came down to south east London again and managed to write an in-depth article about some of the issues relating to the Convoys Wharf redevelopment without once mentioning how dangerous/shabby/difficult to reach this part of the city is. (If you recall, the last time Mr Long ventured this way to take a look at the Waldron Health Centre, he rolled out all the cliches in the book about New Cross. Hopefully he got them all off his chest last time and will prosper with his new-found maturity.)

Bitching aside, the article is worth a read as it's quite an extensive piece for a London-wide paper. Sure, there are lots of omissions - no mention of Sayes Court or Evelyn's influence, and scant detail about the extent of the dockyard remains - and Long's assertion that the 'scale and character of the spaces around the Olympia building will be fine' rings rather hollow without any clarification or back-up, but it's a fine way of raising the profile for the Deptford is campaign, and Long has made a decent effort to engage with the political and philosophical arguments.

In the meantime, here's a cover that I'd very much like to see. This poster appeared at the end of Ffinch St yesterday, I don't know if it's anywhere else but hopefully the artist responsible is willing to spread the love a little more widely around SE8. Give us all something to smile about. (If you click on the photo to make it bigger you can read the speech bubble; Mr Hawkins is saying 'Nothing here mate').

Thursday, October 27, 2011

May 10, 1969, Rose Palace, Pasadena, CA: Farewell Cream movie/Grateful Dead/Kaleidoscope

This 1969 Rose Palace poster has mistaken dates (May 10-11 instead of May 9-10)

The Grateful Dead played at the Rose Palace in Pasadena on Saturday, May 10, almost two months after their debut performance there. There are a number of interesting facts about the second Rose Palace show. The most interesting fact is that for perhaps the only time, the Grateful Dead were second billed to a feature film. According to the poster, the "headline" act was a showing of the Farewell Cream movie, from Cream's final performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London on November 26, 1968. Uniquely, the Farewell Cream movie was not shown in theaters but rather in rock venues, mostly as the feature attraction. As important as Cream was, it's still crucial to remember that outside of San Francisco the Grateful Dead were still second on the bill to a movie. The Dead were famous, or infamous, but they still weren't that big a draw.

Eric Clapton is a huge star today, and every Clapton fan knows and probably likes Cream. Nonetheless, the enormity of Cream's impact on the rock music market tends to be taken for granted, given Clapton's numerous other triumphs. Cream was the first band who showed that thanks to FM radio, if a band had a good album and exciting live performances, they could sell a seemingly infinite number of albums without benefit of a hit single. This was truly revolutionary, something that had never happened in the music business prior to Cream. There had been hugely successful albums before, but their sales were built on an edifice of hit singles. The idea that albums could sell endlessly with little airplay on AM radio completely transformed the record industry.

Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce had formed Cream in England in the Summer of 1966, and their debut album Fresh Cream was released in December. The band had achieved some popularity, but save for a few Spring 67 shows in New York they had not toured America. Cream began their American tour on August 22, 1967 at the Fillmore. Since Cream was used to playing 45 minutes, at most, in the UK, it was a shock to have to play two hour-long sets in San Francisco. Their solution was simply to jam out every song, and the results were sensational. In between recording dates in 1967, Cream played relatively small rock clubs in the States to rapturous acclaim.

Cream's second album Disraeli Gears came out in November 1967. Although there were some modest AM hits ("Sunshine Of Your Love" and "Strange Brew"), almost every track on the album instantly became a staple of the newly emerging FM rock radio. Every concert that Cream played in the United States was a major rock event, with fans coming not to hear the hits but to hear instrumental virtuosity from the three members. This was an important transition for rock: the members of Cream were treated like jazz musicians, did not really have hits, and were hugely successful.

Cream's third album, Wheels Of Fire (released May 68), was a double album and was even more successful. Cream played larger and larger venues when they toured, almost always selling out. Record companies started to look for bands who could really play, and figured that those sort of albums would get played on FM, not AM, opening the door for bands like the Grateful Dead, who no longer had to look for a hit (not that they were trying). Ironically enough, Cream's three members were all mad at each other, and the band decided to break up. This too was unprecedented--how could the most successful act in rock decide to break up at the height of their powers? Cream agreed to make a final album and go on a "Farewell Tour" of America in Fall 1968--yet another first. For their last tour, Cream played the largest venue in every city (e.g the Oakland Coliseum) and sold them out, once again breaking new ground for the rock industry.

The final Cream concert was at Royal Albert Hall in London on October 26, 1968. The event was professionally filmed, and turned into what may be the industry's first "rockumentary." The movie was 80 minutes long, mostly performance footage interspersed with rather artificial interviews with the three band members. With no precedent, the decision was made (by who, I'm not sure) not to market the movie through theaters, but through rock venues. I think only a small number of prints of the movie were made, and this too would have cut down on the expenses. Also, 60s movie theaters would have had a hard time broadcasting the Cream concert sound properly, so rock venues made sense for a lot of reasons.

By 1969, Cream was more popular than ever. As a result, there were people all over the country who had never seen them live, and apparently never would. Cream had a new album (Goodbye), and they were rock's biggest attraction. How big were they? When they played suburban Pasadena, the Grateful Dead opened for their concert movie.

The Rose Palace Friday and Saturday, May 9-10, 1969
The concert poster for the May Rose Palace shows garbles the dates: it says "Friday and Saturday May 10&11," when in fact the shows were Friday and Saturday, May 9 and 10. The interesting bookings also tell us something about the strategy of the Millard Agency, the Dead's bookers at the time. The Farewell Cream movie was the headline act, at least according to the poster, and Santana was booked on Friday, May 9, with the Grateful Dead on Saturday May 10. The great Southern California band Kaleidoscope was on the bill both nights, about which I have more to say below.

The Millard Agency was the booking company associated with the Bill Graham empire. Millard's specific emphasis was on finding new venues in California for the Fillmore bands to play. Groups like the Grateful Dead were well known in California, but really only by name, since so many people had seen the iconic Fillmore posters. Millard was willing to work with promoters who were booking new venues outside of the big cities, often in suburbs like Pasadena. Santana, at this time, had been signed to Columbia and had probably begun recording their first album, but it was not  released until August 1969. Some hip LA fans might recognize Santana's name from some Fillmore West posters (they had headlined in February of '69), but the band had played Southern California the first time a month earlier, opening for Procol Harum at the Rose Palace on the weekend of April 11-12. Santana, too, was making a return visit, showing a careful strategy by Millard to build an audience over time for both bands.

Both Santana and the Dead had gigs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (May 9-10-11). The Dead played San Mateo County Fairgrounds on May 9, yet another case of Millard helping to get a show booked in the suburbs. On Saturday, with the Dead in Pasadena, Santana played a rock festival at a football stadium in Stockton, with a roster of other Millard bands from the Fillmore scene. On Sunday, May 11, The Dead and Santana played outdoors at a stadium show in San Diego, only the Dead's second appearance in San Diego and Santana's first. Both Santana and the Grateful Dead were popular live attractions all over California in the 1970s, but it wasn't an accident.

The cover of Side Trips, Kaleidoscope's first album on Epic (1967)
Kaleidoscope were a remarkable and unique band from the Claremont area. Four of the five members (all but the drummer) were remarkable multi-instrumentalists, and Kaleidoscope took a layer of old-time American music and built a framework of world music on top of it, driven by an electric rock beat. They all but singlehandedly invented World Music, about twenty years too early. Musicians in every town were awestruck by them, but audiences simply weren't ready. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin has called them his favorite band ever--when Page was playing the Fillmore with the Yardbirds in May 1968, he would walk 12 blocks over to the Avalon to hear Kaleidoscope's sets.

Kaleidoscope released four albums, all glorious, none of which smelled remotely like a hit. The story is too long to tell here, but David Biasotti's wonderful Pulsating Dream site has the complete tale. There were various personnel changes and management struggles, and guitarist David Lindley tried to keep the band going against great odds, but he finally gave up in 1970. Of course, Lindley's subsequent career with Jackson Browne and as a solo artist has been marvelous, but Kaleidoscope were as good as anybody who ever played in the 1960s, Grateful Dead included.

The May 10, 1969 Rose Palace show may have been the first time that the Grateful Dead shared a bill with Kaleidoscope. This detail is significant since Kaleidoscope's manager at the time was one Chesley Millikin, an Englishman who played an important if amorphous role for the Dead over the next several years. I know that Millikin was instrumental in helping to book and arrange the Europe '72 tour, but I don't quite know whether he was employed by the band, Warner Brothers, an agency or some sort of free-lancer. Nonetheless, seems to have been a key adviser to the Dead, and he seems to have come into the band's orbit through Kaleidoscope.

I don't even precisely know what role Millikin served in for Kaleidoscope during 1969. The Kaleidoscope story has the typical overlay of bad deals with the record company and indifference to the band's virtues that so typified the era. David Lindley, by far the best known member of the group, has nothing nice to say about Kaleidoscope's management or record company, but he doesn't name names. I have no idea whether Millikin was a "good guy" or a "bad guy," if such terms have any meaning, but in any case the Dead seemed to have benefited from Millikin's experience.

The Show
According to the Archive, the Dead seemed to have played for about 100 minutes. I have to assume that the Dead actually came on after the movie. I think the order of battle would have been Kaleidoscope, Farewell Cream and finally the Dead. Since Pasadena was fairly suburban, I don't think the show would have run exceptionally late. I have some reason to believe that a Southern California band called Southwind may have played, but possibly only on Friday with Santana. I suspect there were a lot of teenagers there to see the Cream movie who may not have planned to stay for the entire show, but I'll bet at least some of them were glad they did.

An alternate handbill for the May 10, 1969 Rose Palace show, with Southwind opening
Update: The Yellow Shark weighs in with a neat alternative handbill, not only getting the dates right, but confirming that Southwind was on the bill. Southwind featured guitarist Moon Martin, who wrote such hits as "Cadillac Walk" (for Mink DeVille) and "Bad Case Of Lovin' You" (for Robert Palmer).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday's Carling Cup LIVE Match Commentary:

Carling Cup Fourth Round LIVE:
Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester City
Stoke City vs Liverpool
Everton vs Chelsea
Blackburn Rovers vs Newcastle United

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester City:
18: Pass by Adlene Guedioura straight to Nenad Milijas who shoots from 18 yards out.... GOAL!!!
Wolves are leading 1-0 against City. Is this the start of a shock defeat???

Blackburn Rovers vs Newcastle United:
5: Pass by Martin Olsson to Ruben Rochina in the box, he shoots... GOAL! 1-0 to the home side.

Stoke City vs Liverpool:
21: Foul by Jamie Carragher on Matthew Etherington. Yellow card to the Liverpool defender. He has to be careful now to make sure that Liverpool do not go down to 10 men.
25: Foul by Daniel Agger on Robert Huth. Free-kick to Stoke taken by Thomas Sorensen in own half.
26: Andy Carroll runs into the box for Liverpool.... he takes a shot from 12 yards out... SAVE! by Sorensen.
27: Foul by Jonathan Woodgate on Luis Suarez. Free-kick to Liverpool taken by Jamie Carragher who whips the ball into the box but Sorensen punches the ball clear.
28: Corner to Stoke. Taken by Matthew Etherington who whips the ball in the box for Robert Huth... he heads the ball..... MISS! Goal-kick to Liverpool, taken by Pepe Reina.
30: Goaless at The Brittania. The tackles have been flying in here. No real chances.
31: Goal-kick taken by Pepe Reina.
32: Foul by Stoke defender Ryan Shotton on Daniel Agger. Free-kick taken by Jordan Henderson.


Everton vs Chelsea:
16: Josh McEachran with sprinting runs into the box, Johnny Heitinga pulled him down. Penalty going to be taken by Nicolas Anelka to make it 1-0 to The Blues.... He shoots.... HE MISSES!! He placed the penalty to far to the right. Everton 0 Chelsea 0. Heitinga will breathe a sigh of relief.

Wolves vs Manchester City:
37: Edin Dzeko with the ball for Manchester City..... he passes it to Adam Johnson who takes a strike from 20 yards out..... GOAL!!!!! 1-1! Adam Johnson equalises for City.
Dzeko will claim the assist with the good pass to Johnson; he could have shot himself.
38: Foul by Nenad Milijas on Samir Nasri. Free-kick to City, taken by Nigel De Jong who passes the ball to Adam Johnson... he plays a through ball to Samir Nasri who shoots from 20 yards out..... GOAL!!! 2-1 to City! They just equalised, then went and scored another!
40: Shot by Adam Johnson.... SAVED by De Vries but falls to Edin Dzeko who taps the ball into the goal! 3-1 to City! 3 goals in 3 minutes! Surely that goal seals it?

Stoke City vs Liverpool:
41: Defender Ryan Shawcross fouls Luis Suarez. He is booked for a bad foul. Free-kick taken by Jordan Henderson.
44: Jonathan Walters with a cross into the box for Kenwyne Jones to meet with a header.... GOAL!!! Stoke go 1-0 ahead just before half-time!
45: Liverpool striker Luis Suarez looks to equalise for The Reds just before the break with a shot from 12 yards out..... MISS!
45+1: Goal-kick to Stoke, taken by Thomas Sorensen.
45+2: The referee blows the whistle for half-time at The Brittania. Stoke are currently have a slender but crucial 1-0 lead.

Wolves vs Manchester City:
45+1: The referee blows the whistle for half-time. Mick McCarthy will be furious with his team for conceding three goals in three minutes.

Blackburn Rovers vs Newcsatle United:
36: Foul by Christopher Samba on Demba Ba. Free-kick given to Newcastle, taken by Danny Guthrie.
38: Foul by David Goodwillie on Danny Guthrie. Free-kcik given to Newcastle, taken by James Perch in own half.

Everton vs Chelsea:
38: Florent Malouda with a pass to Salomon Kalou who strikes from 20 yards out... GOAL!! Chelsea have broken the deadlock!
42: Shot by Nicolas Anelka in the penalty area.... MISS!
45: The referee blows the whistle for half-time.

Stoke City vs Liverpool:
Jamie Carragher OFF
Martin Skrtel ON

Wolves vs Man. City:
45: The referee starts the second half.
50: Shot by Samir Nasri.. PARRIED! by De Vries, comes to Luca Scapuzzi who shoots... OWN GOAL! Wolves 1 City 4

54: Luis Suarez with a shot from 20 yards out... GOAL!!! Nice curling shot by Suarez who equalises for Liverpool. Game on!
56: Stoke midfielder Glenn Whelan has been booked for time wasting.
60: Stoke SUB:
Ryan Shotton OFF
Jermaine Pennant ON
64: Stoke SUB:
Matthew Etherington OFF
Cameron Jerome ON

Wolves vs Manchester City:
64: Luca Scapuzzi with a pass to Edin Dzeko in the box, who shoots.... GOAL!!! 5-1 to Manchester City!
65: Stephen Ward with the ball for Wolves on the counter attack, he plays the ball to Jamie O'Hara.. he shoots in the box.... GOAL! 5-2! A slight glimmer of hope for Wolves or is it another consolation goal?

Everton vs Chelsea:
59: Goalkeeper Ross Turnbull lunges in rashly on Everton striker Louis Saha in the penalty area.... PENALTY!!!! Everton with a golden chance to equalise. The referee pulls out a card to Turnbull.... IT'S RED!!!!! Chelsea are down to ten men!
Chelsea SUB:
Romelu Lukaku OFF
Petr Cech ON

Leighton Baines to take the penalty for Everton. He shoots a powerful drive... SAVE!! by Petr Cech! Chelsea are still in the lead!
75: Foul by Royston Drenthe on Oriol Romeu. Yellow card to the loaned Everton striker.
83: Cross by Seamus Coleman from the right wing... to Louis Saha who shoots... GOAL!! 1-1! This match will surely go to extra-time.... Everton have a lifeline.
85: Chelsea SUB:
Salomon Kalou OFF
Daniel Sturridge ON

90: The referee blows the whistle for the end of the second half. Extra time will follow.
Stoke City vs Liverpool:

82: Liverpool SUB:
Maxi Rodriguez OFF
Craig Bellamy ON

85: Jordan Henderson with a cross into the box, Luis Suarez headers the ball past Sorensen... GOAL!!! Liverpool comeback from 1-0 to 2-1 in front!
88: Good game from Luis Suarez, Dirk Kuyt replaces him.
88: Good game from Kenwyne Jones, Peter Crouch replaces him in Stoke's attack to give Stoke a last chance to salvage the match.
90: The referee blows the whistle for full-time here at The Brittania.
Stoke will feel disappointed as they conceded two goals in the second half and they were ahead.

Everton vs Chelsea:
90: The referee blows the whistle to start the first half of extra time.
LATEST SCORE: Blackburn Rovers 2 Newcastle United 2
2 goals in 1 minute from Newcastle. Yohan Cabaye and then Danny Guthrie.
100: Foul by Tim Cahil on David Luiz. Free-kick to Chelsea, taken by David Luiz who shoots from 30 yards out...... SAVED!! by Jan Mucha.
105: The referee blows the whistle to start the second half of extra time.
107: Royston Drenthe with a foul on Ryan Bertrand. He has already been booked here..... SECOND YELLOW.. RED CARD! Everton are now down to ten men and lack an attacking edge. Ten vs Ten here at Goodison Park with just over 10 minutes left of extra time.
116: Shot by Florent Malouda from 25 yards out... SAVED! by Jan Mucha, the ball comes to Daniel Sturridge in the box who shoots.... GOAL!! Chelsea are 2-1 ahead with 4 minutes to go!
120: The referee blows the whistle here at Goodison Park where Chelsea progress to the last 8 of the Carling Cup. Everton played very well and gave Chelsea a hard fought battle but in the end The Blues prevailed.

Blackburn Rovers vs Newcastle United:
99: GOAL! Morten Gamst Pedersen scores from a 30 yard free-kick for Rovers to make 3-2!
105: Penalty: Newcastle have a chance to level again! Peter Lovenkrands with the penalty for Newcastle... GOAL! 3-3!
120: Gael Givet wth a headed effort in the box for Blackburn... GOAL!!! He scores what is surely the winning goal!
120: The referee blows the whistle for full-time.

Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Manchester City 5
Edin Dzeko scoring Manchester City's third goal of the match to kill off Wolves' hopes of a Last 8 place.
Stoke City 1 Liverpool 2

Luis Suarez scored twice as Liverpool came back from 1-0 down to win 2-1 against Stoke to progress to the Last 8.

Everton 1 Chelsea 2 (AET)

Daniel Sturridge scoring Chelsea's winner against Everton in the 116th minute.

Blackburn Rovers 4 Newcastle United 3 (AET)

Gael Givet scoring a header for Blackburn to beat Newcastle in the 120th minute.

Last 8:
Arsenal, Manchester United, Crystal Palace, Southampton, Chelsea, Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City.

Draw is on Saturday 29th October.

Tuesday's Carling Cup Results, Today's Action, EPL News LIVE:

Yesterday's Carling Cup Last 16 Match Results:

Arsenal 2 Bolton Wanderers 1
Arsenal made 11 changes to the side that beat Stoke 3-1 on Sunday. Bolton however made few changes to the team which were defeated 2-0 against Sunderland on Saturday. They took it very seriously and scored first in the 47th minute due to Fabrice Muamba the former Arsenal youngster. 6 minutes later captain Andrey Arshavin equalised for The Gunners. New signing Chu-Young Park did not take long to make a name for himself at Arsenal as he scored his first senior goal for the club in the 55th minute. Bolton never gave up and had lots of chances and piled on the pressure for Arsenal but in the end the better team won and Arsenal prevailed with a 2-1 comeback win.

Chu Young Park adding Arsenal's second in the 55th minute to provide the fatal blow to Bolton.

Manchester United 3 Aldershot 0
United were desperate to get back to winning ways after their 6-1 defeat against rivals City at Old Trafford on Sunday. A small crowd of seven thousand saw United beat League Two side Aldershot comfortably with their second team. Dimitar Berbatov scored first for the defending champions in the 15th minute. Michael Owen scored in the 41st minute to make it 2-0 before half-time. Antonio Valencia made it 3-0 three minutes after the break with a 25 yard strike. United progress to the last 8.

Michael Owen scoring to make it 2-0 to United in the 41st minute.
Crystal Palace 2 Southampton 0
Darren Ambrose scored to put Palace in front in the 73rd minute. Jermaine Easter made it 2-0 in the 82nd minute from a penalty.

Cardiff 1 Burnley 0
Joe Mason scored the only goal of the game in the 40th minute to put Championship side Cardiff in the last 8.

Michael Owen scored his 158th competitive club goal against Aldershot yesterday.
This is the first time that 2 Championship sides have made it to the Carling Cup Quarter Finals since 2008.
Arsenal have consecutively got to the Carling Cup Quarter Finals nine times - which is a record.

TONIGHT's Carling Cup Action:

(All EPL teams)

Stoke City vs Liverpool: LIVE from 19:45pm
Liverpool have Lucas Leiva available again as he is back from his one match suspension. Kenny Daglish is expected to make a number of chancges to his squad but Craig Bellamy may start for The Reds. Defender Daniel Agger came back into the team that drew wtih Norwich following his rib injury and may also start tonight. Defender Jonathan Woodgate may return for Stoke following his month out with a calf injury. Winger Jermaine Pennant will be assessed before he can play against his former club as he has been out for two matches with a hamstring problem. Danny Higginbotham may play some part of the match as part of his return as he has not played since April. Liverpool will want to win and get revenge from their 1-0 loss against Stoke earlier in the season, but they know that it will not be easy. Stoke want to bounce back from the 3-1 loss against Arsenal on Sunday but it will be a very interesting match at The Brittania.

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester City: LIVE from 19:45pm
Manchester City midfielder Owen Hargeaves is injured with a slight calf problem. Wolves will recall many players including Nenad Milijas, Jody Craddock, Stephen Hunt and George Elokobi to start for them. City will be very shocked if they lose against a weak Wolves team although Roberto Mancini will make changes to the side that beat United 6-1 on Sunday. Wolves will try and bring their game to City and could surprise everyone by winning but it is unlikely.

Everton vs Chelsea: LIVE from 20:00pm
This match comes from Goodison Park as Everton host Chelsea. Chelsea will look to their youngsters and fringe players to start for them. Didier Drogba, Jose Bosingwa and Ashley Cole are all suspended while Raul Meireles is cup-tied and everyone who started their 1-0 loss against QPR on Sunday will be rested or on the bench. Tim Cahill and Louis Saha may both start for Everton and posses a real threat to Chelsea. Victor Anichebe and James McFadden are both still out with a groin problem and fitness issues following an injury respectively. Chelsea will want to progress through to the last 8 and forget about the 1-0 London Derby loss to QPR on Sunday but it may be tough for them and the match may go to extra time and even penalties like the last round.

Blackburn Rovers vs Newcastle United: Live from 20:00pm
This match comes from Ewood Park as Blackburn Rovers entertain EPL highflyers Newcastle. Cheik Tiote and Shola Ameobi are both out due to a knee problem and hamstring injury respectively. Defender Steven Talyor is doubtful due to a broken nose that he suffered in the win against Wigan on Saturday. Blackburn manager Steve Kean will look to play a reasonably strong side and will want a win to boost morale. He is in trouble as he has only won one game out of nine in the EPL and Blackburn find themselves bottom of the table. Blackburn may win after extra-time as Newcastle's injuries may get to them. This maybe a cagey affair with one goal in it or be decided in extra-time/penalties.


Steve Bruce insists that former Sunderland striker Darren Bent could have become one of Sunderland's all-time greats.
Everton midfielder Jack Rodwell feels he is "becoming more of a man" this season.
Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez is reportedly set to appeal after being charged with misconduct by City. He has been fined four week's wages, up to £800,000 and been told 'he may never play for City again' by Roberto Mancini.

Liverpool youngster Jay Spearing knows he has a fight on his hands to get back into the Liverpool midfield due to Liverpool's summer signings.

Wigan goalkeeper Chris Kirkland wants to sign a new contract with the club.

Striker Dirk Kuyt has admitted he is desperate to end his long wait for a trophy at Liverpool and has his eyes on the Carling Cup. That's a realistic target....
FACT: If Liverpool do NOT win anything this season, Dirk Kuyt will be the longest-serving Liverpool player who has NOT won anything at the club in 40 years.

Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen's calf injury sustained against Bolton will be assessed today.
He has just come back from an Achiles injury for two months.
I hope this isn't serious. Mertesacker + Vermaelen = V.Good Defence
Blackburn manager Steve Kean insists he does care about the club's fans.

Arsene Wenger has declared Marouane Chamakh will not be leaving Arsenal in January, despite the striker's lack of match action of late.
He needs to start performing WELL then, before he gets my vote of confidence.... -.-

Manchester City defender Kolo Toure is reportedly interested in a move to PSG.
He feels he is not getting enough match time.
QPR's Adel Taarabt has claimed that Paris Saint Germain will try to sign him in January.

Arsenal striker Gervinho admits it is vital that captain Robin van Persie stays at the club.

Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez has signed a new five-year contract which will keep him at Old Trafford until the end of the 2015/16 season, United have announced.

Liverpool midfielder and captain Steven Gerrard believes Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has proved himself a worthy candidate to succeed Fabio Capello as England manager next year.
He has my vote.

Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas has ordered Chelsea scouts to watch Portuguese midfielder Vitor Gomes.

Newcastle are ready to renew their interest in Birmingham's Liam Ridgewell.
Good buy in my opinion.... He doesn't want to play in the Championship and Newcastle need to boost their defnce to get a top 10 finish this season.

Arsenal are keeping their eyes on Sevilla goalkeeper Javi Varas and Lille midfielder Eden Hazard.
Just buy Eden Hazard for £25million and get out of there before Manchester City snap him up just like Chelsea did with Juan Mata..... He is the ideal Nasri replacement.

Manchester United are back on the trail of Spain Under-21 and Atletico Bilbao midfielder Javi Martinez.
Wonderkid. One for the present.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Convoys Wharf - what are the alternatives?

I have been following the Deptford is.. blog very closely over the past few weeks, where campaigners are not only exposing the poor thinking and lack of imagination behind the current proposals for redevelopment of Convoys Wharf, but are also putting forward alternatives for discussion.

As far as Hutchison Whampoa's planned development above ground goes, there are serious issues with the proposal such as the density and size of the proposed buildings, the associated 'transport planning' (which I have to put in quote marks because quite honestly it is laughable, especially compared with the improvements proposed by the applicants behind the recent Surrey Canal planning application), the continued scaling back of any commitment to providing a feasible working wharf, the pitiful amount of public open space that is being incorporated, and the lack of any kind of attempt to integrate the development with Deptford itself.

When you start to find out about the heritage of the site itself - the royal dockyard established by Henry VIII which saw the construction, fitting out and launch of many, many famous ships through three centuries of maritime development, as well as advances in civil engineering which were reflected in the dockyard structures themselves, and the influence that John Evelyn and his famous gardens at Sayes Court had on the English landscape movement, as well as the formation of the National Trust - it is truly incredible that the proposals seek simply to build over this history for ever.

The Olympia building - a cast iron structure covering two slipways which led into the great basin - must be retained as it is a listed structure, but HW's proposal has the building hemmed in on all sides by tower blocks, and all but cut off from the river, making it impossible to read the significance of the structure in heritage terms.

In fact the slipways beneath the building and the walls of the great basin still survive, they are simply filled in. The slipways which lead into the river are still there; the double dry dock is still there and Deptford is.. fully expects ongoing archaeological investigations to confirm that the huge mast ponds are also still intact.

While the archaeologists claim they have uncovered (and now filled in again) the site of Sayes Court, there is some dispute as to its location, and the jury is still out on this. Nonetheless, no garden archaeology at all has been carried out on the site of his famous gardens, which have been roundly ignored.

Deptford is... is holding a public meeting on 4 November at which the campaigners say they will reveal some of their proposals for an alternative vision of future Deptford.

'Suggestions include building a Restoration warship using a combination of traditional and modern ship-building skills, and recreating the historic garden as an innovative and productive public open space. The ideas put forward in this exhibition focus on activities which encourage collaboration between the existing community and its new residents, helping to meld the development into the vibrant neighbourhood of Deptford.'

Take a look at these websites about the Hermione and Sayes Court Garden to get some inspiration.

While I know that many public bodies and indeed some of our local politicians have expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the current proposals, and are concerned about the impact it will have on the site, there does also seem to be a lot of shrugging of shoulders and some councillors saying that the developers cannot make the figures stack up unless they build at this density.

In fact our very own deputy mayor and chair of the regeneration committee, Alan Smith (Catford South ward), effectively approved the density when he told Estates Gazette back in June that he didn't believe the borough would have any trouble absorbing the 'more than 6,000' new homes that were planned (this is in fact a huge underestimate by my reckoning as it only looks at three developments). He said 'if anything we will be underproviding' and added 'as far as I can make out, the finance is in place and it is getting its figures to stack up'.

Other councillors, in particular some of those who represent the residents in Evelyn ward, the area  most directly impacted by this development, seem unwilling to engage with their electorate about the proposals.

It may be that Lewisham Council is also nervous of a protracted legal battle with HW's lawyers, which might ensue should the development be refused. But let's not forget that this development will have an enduring impact on this part of Lewisham; if the council lets itself be bullied into a hasty or inappropriate decision, we will be living with the ramifications for decades to come.

Sunday's EPL Live Match Commentary:

LIVE EPL 13:30pm kick-offs:

Arsenal vs Stoke City
Manchester United vs Manchester City
Fulham vs Everton

Team News:
Arsenal vs Stoke City

Arsenal: Szczesny, Song, Koscielny, Santos, Mertesacker, Djourou, Walcott, Arteta, Ramsey, Gervinho and Chamakh. Subs: Fabianski, Van Persie, Park, Benayoun, Rosicky and Frimpong.

Stoke: Begovic, Wilson, Shawcross, Upson, Whitehead, Delap, Whelan, Etherington, Walters and Crouch. Subs: Sorensen, Jones, Jerome, Palacios, Shotton and Huth.

Manchester United vs Manchester City

United: Gea, Smalling, Evra, Ferdinand, Fletcher, Nani, Evans, Anderson, Young, Rooney and Welbeck. Subs: Lindegaard, Hernandez, Fabio, Berbatov, Park and Jones.

City: Hart, Richards, Lescott, Clichy, Yaya Toure, Kompany, Silva, Milner, Barry, Balotelli and Aguero. Subs: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Kolarov, Toure, Nasri and Dzeko.

Fulham vs Everton

Fulham: Schwarzer, Hangeland, Baird, Riise, Grygera, Dembele, Sidwell, Murphy, Dempsey, Johnson and Zamora. Subs: Etheridge, Kelly, Ruiz, Duff, Frei and Hughes.

Everton: Howard, Distin, Hibbert, Jagielka, Baines, Osman, Neville, Drenthe, Fellani and Vellios. Subs: Mucha, Saha, Coleman, Cahill, Heitinga and Stracqualursi.

Fulham vs Everton:
0: The referee has blown the whistle indicating the start of the match at Craven Cottage.
3: Jack Rodwell with the ball for Everton, he passes the ball to Royston Drenthe... who takes an ambitous shot from 30 yards out..... GOAL!!! Drenthe breaks the deadlock in the 3rd minute. 1-0 to Everton.
24: Shot by Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy.... HITS THE POST!
25: Shot by Clint Dempsey from 25 yards out.... FANTASTIC SAVE!!! by Tim Howard to prevent Dempsey from levelling the match.

Manchester United vs Manchester City:
21: James Milner with a cross into the box.... that finds Mario Balotelli who hits it... GOAL!! City are in front with Balotelli the scorer!
24: Mario Balotelli has been booked for unsporting behaviour. The Good and Bad Mario....
31: Shot by Yaya Toure from 40 yards out.... MISS!

Arsenal vs Stoke City:
27: Aaron Ramsey with a good pass into the box for Gervinho who shoots..... GOAL!!
31: Dean Whitehead with a bad foul on Mikel Arteta. Yellow card given to the Stoke City midfielder.
34: Peter Crouch with the ball at his feet from a cross by Jonathan Walters..... he hits the ball with his right-foot... GOAL!!! 1-1. FACT: This means that Crouch has scored over 7 goals against Arsenal in his career.

Fulham vs Everton:
45: The referee blows the whistle for half-time. Everton are leading at the break due to a goal in the 3rd minute by Royston Drenthe.

Manchester United vs Manchester City:
45: The fouls have been flying in here at Old Trafford and at the break City are leading 1-0 from Mario Balotelli's strike.

Arsenal vs Stoke City:
45+1: Arsenal corner taken by Mikel Arteta into the box for Gervinho who heades the ball..... OVER!!!
45+2: Half-time here at The Emirates with the score 1-1. Gervinho broke the deadlock in the 27th minute but Peter Crouch eqaulised for The Potters 7 minutes later.

Manchester United vs Manchester City:
45: The referee blows the whistle to start this second half at Old Trafford.
47: Foul by Jonathan Evans against Mario Balotelli on the edge of the penalty area.... RED CARD!! United are down to ten men.
58: Mario Balotelli scores!!!!! 2-0. Great set up play by Milner and Silva.
FACT: If Manchester City win, it will be the first win against United since February 2008.
62: Anderson with a dangerous foul on Sergio Aguero. Yellow card given to the Manchester United midfielder.
Luis Nani OFF
Anderson OFF
Phil Jones ON
Javier Hernandez ON

Fulham vs Everton:
67: Clint Dempsey with the ball, he passes the ball to Bryan Ruiz who chips the ball from the edge of the box..... GOAL!!! Ruiz equalises for Fulham. 1-1.

69: Cross by defender Micah Richards.... to Aguero who shoots.... GOAL!!! 3-0. City are cruising now against United's ten men.
70: Manchester City SUB:
Mario Balotlli OFF

Arsenal vs Stoke City:
Marouane Chamakh OFF
Robin Van Persie ON

Theo Walcott OFF
Andrey Arshavin ON

73: Gervinho with the ball... who passes the ball to Robin Van Persie. He shoots... GOAL!! RVP scores his third goal in two EPL matches!!!
79: Robin Van Persie with the ball at his feet... he shoots... GOAL! 3-1. He scores twice in 6 minutes!!!

Manchester United vs Manchester City:
75: Manchester City SUB:
Sergio Aguero OFF
Samir Nasri ON
81: Javier Hernandez with the ball for United, passes the ball to Darren Fletcher who shoots from 20 yards out....GOAL!!! A consolation for United. 3-1.
89: Manchester City SUB:
James Milner OFF
Alexsandar Kolarov ON

Arsenal vs Stoke City:
90: The referee blows the whistle for full-time. Arsenal 3 Stoke City 1

RVP with his second goal of the day against Stoke.

Fulham vs Everton:
90: GOAL! Louis Saha with the goal for Everton in the last minute!!!! 2-1 to the away side.
90+1: GOAL! Jack Rodwell with a goal to seal all three points for Everton.
90+2: The referee blows the whislte for full-time at Craven Cottage. Fulham lose their second game on the trot against Everton who left it late before scoring twice in stoppage time.

Manchester United vs Manchester City:
90: Pass by Joleon Lescott to Edin Dzeko... he shoots... GOAL!! 4-1!
90+1: Edin Dzeko with the ball agin, he passes the ball through to David Silva who shoots.... GOAL! 5-1! The ball goes past David De Gea and goes in the net!
90+2: David Silva with an excellent through ball to Dzeko from City's own half.... he runs and shoots on the edge of the area..... GOAL!! 6-1! City are dismantling United!
90+3: The referee blows the whistle for full-time at Old Trafford. What a result for Manchester City beating their rivals United by 6 goals to 1. They are now 5 points clear at the top of the table. An excellent performance by all City players including Mario Balotelli and Edin Dzeko who scored twice each and David Silva who scored once.

Balotelli celebrating his first goal against United in style.

Silky Silva adds the final blow for United making it 6-1 in the last minute of stoppage time.


  • United suffered their heaviest defeat in the EPL era and conceded more than four goals at home for the first time in the EPL era.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson called the match 'his worst match in his managerial career'. He has been manager of United for over 25 years.

  • City have broken the string of 25 unbeaten EPL matches for United

  • This is the first time City have beaten United since the 10th of February 2008.

  • This also is the first time City have scored six at Old Trafford since 1926.

    Manchester United 1 Manchester City 6
    Arsenal 3 Stoke City 1
    Fulham 1 Everton 3

    FACT: There has been 15 goals in the three EPL matches played today which is more than all five matches played yesterday (12).

    Blackburn Rovers vs Tottenham Hotspur:
    15: Rafael Van Der Vaart scores and breaks the deadlock for the away side at Ewood Park.
    28: Mauro Formica scores to level and give Blackburn a chance of winning this match.
    45+2: It's half-time at Ewood Park with the scores 1-1. Tottenham will try and steal all three points and continue their consistent run of form in the second half.
    57: 2-1! VDV scores again for Spurs. Excellent set-up play by Tottenham and he tucked the ball away nicely. Paul Robinson simply could not get there!
    90: It's full-time here at Ewood Park with Tottenham continuing their excellent form of 5 wins out of 6. They are currently 5th with 16 points and a game in hand. Blackburn continue their very poor form this season and stay in the bottom three with only one win so far this season.
    Chelsea vs QPR: LIVE from 16:00pm

    QPR 1 Chelsea 0
    Heidar Helguson scored the only goal of the game in the 10th minute due to a penalty. Chelsea were reduced to nine men before half-time as Jose Bosingwa and Didier Drogba both got sent off in less than 10 minutes of each other. It was an entertaining London Derby with lots of chances for both teams but in the end QPR prevailed. Chelsea are still third but pressure is on them due to Newcastle's win on Saturday. QPR move up to 10th position.